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DIY | Holiday Coffee Bar | Tea & Hot Chocolate Warm Drink Station | Easy To Make | Under $5

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35 thoughts on “DIY | Holiday Coffee Bar | Tea & Hot Chocolate Warm Drink Station | Easy To Make | Under $5

  1. Totally making these for Christmas gifts. Easily putting family names on the front to personalize it. Thank you for the inspiration. I can't wait to see what you bring next. Blessings from AZ

  2. You. Inspire me so much, I can’t stop playing your videos. I love your dump videos also ,we can’t get do this where I am.I can’t wait for your videos! Thank you 😊

  3. Good morning Elysia
    Love the bar box. Such a cute idea. In my home we drink all three. Can u make something that would house all 3 together? Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  4. Love your video's your inspiration's that I get from all your video's is just what I need some I Thank for that♡♡

  5. These are Wonderful!! I am going to make on for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. Our family gives Christmas gifts that are all hand made, every year. I just love these and I know she will too. Thanks again Elysia, your Amazing!!!

  6. I thought I was the only one…lol I did the same thing when I bought my miter saw…after I bought it I found out there was the sliding miter…🙄 It still made life much easier. Another awesome video!

  7. Hi Elysia. Nice and functional box! I'm myself preparing a show too, small decorative personal and house items. Thanks for yr tips at the end of the video. Please include more tips in followings, surely you are an expertise in shows, for me its the 2nd time, and first was awful!! Will really appreciate your advice!! 🙂 Mine is after Xmas, in Jan, it's summer here, I live in a small beach place with tourism. Lot's of crafters!! Good production!

  8. These are so sweet Elysia. What a great idea for gifts. Love these kinds of videos, as well as your trash to treasure and well all your videos lol

  9. Very cute project* I was thinking it would look great in the tea bar instead of the caramels to put honey straws but the caramels look great also

  10. I'm going to do a Christmas craft fair this year and this would be a great idea for me to use up some of my stored jar stock. Thank you for sharing such a great idea x

  11. Hello Elysia, I love, love your tutorials….you have and excelent ideas. Could said me what kind of paint you use for the fornitures? This colours and texture are beautiful…. Kisess from Spain.

  12. Your scissors match the sweater you have on in this video. Did you plan that?
    I love your saw. It's the perfect size!
    I'm looking forward to the Christmas projects that are coming up. 🤗

  13. I've been without a phone since Friday. What a night to get back on here. Thanks for the great advice and tips you share regularly. I will be trying out your boxes and I look forward to future ideas. Now to binge watch what I missed. Lol

  14. Are you doing the one of a kind show here in Toronto? When I did my hot chocolate bar, I used my silhouette to lable the actual jars

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