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Did Rivian Set a High Bar for Tesla’s Pickup Truck?

Will Tesla’s pickup truck be able to outdo Rivian’s electric pickup truck R1T and will they appeal to the same audience? Let’s talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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42 thoughts on “Did Rivian Set a High Bar for Tesla’s Pickup Truck?

  1. …some portion of the bed-wall may ANGLE upward from the rear-bed to the rear-roof of the cab …APC-like…tho ….this TeslaTruck MIGHT be a 'convertible'….from open- to ROOFED-bed INTRA-mutably re-configurable ….like a panel van that shape-shifts to NON-standard pick-up format (rear roof slip-slides forward… BENEATH… the… front roof..)….for hauling….. say……… giraffes…..(GTM)…. w/ slide-out pocket-floor loading-ramp and/or power-gate….& fold-aside MOLDED-metal bench-seats (Bed)… AND sliding cab/bed-connecting pocket-doors w/ accommodatingly adjustable Cab seating …….. y'see………THE… front 'bumper' or Tool Mount will be WELL-receded BENEATH the Brow-o'-the- ARGUABLY Stand-w/-In-Cab….behind an Armour-glazed wind screen w/ beveled-back A-pillars… for a 'FACETED' look…shielding a CENTERED swivel-able Pilot's Seat… BACKED by 2sideXside MoreOfTheSame…AND by three-across bench seats…for cozy…StarLinked… Cab Consultations & Confabs….not to mention… Lunch….

  2. What 0-60 performance? 400+ mile range? How fast charging 15min (how many miles)? 7-seater? What cargo capacity? How close (service, delivery)? How soon?

  3. The tesla pickup had better be able to move 20-25,000 lbs that's what I wanna see 11,000 is a little light.. I am in the market for a EV these camry hybrids are showing thier age

  4. Geeez, there are No trucks yet, just talk- BTW Musk is comparing his truck to the F-150, Rivian is a sports truck for beach goers totally different market…

  5. Truck owners really want body on frame and a removable bed. The Honda Ridgeline gets no respect because of the unit body construction. This is the basic fault with the Rivian.

  6. Tesla is NOT promising 300,000 lbs of Rated Towing Capacity. Elon was only alluding to its ability to move a 300,000 lb wheeled object at low speed on level ground. That's just a stunt. The RATED Towing Capacity of the Tesla Pickup is unlikely to be wildly different from any other pickup on the road.

  7. Are you kidding me, a truck that cost $60 to 100 thousand dollars 💵 should look 👀 like a Bentley inside and drive cloud ☁️ smooth.

  8. Tesla as always will surpass expectation with the pick up truck given history of their products. In regards to towing load/capacity and diminish range when towing my assumption Tesla already figured this out already given the data and validation they already had for the Tesla Semi which will probably find its way to the Tesla Pick up truck. My prediction is it will have a range of 400 and 600 miles with max tow load accounted already 👍. Price of 55k to 75k 🙉. Take that Ford!!! Rivian is not the competitor or enemy of Tesla in this story.

  9. If you think Elon will create a pickuo truck that looks weird just to be trendy or different really hasn’t been paying attention. Elon is all about creating things that function better. It’s looks will directly come from its function. Although pick up trucks have become so popular as a lifestyle choice Elon will be looking to create a working truck. Something that working people will find better than the rest. Rubia mía a purely lifestyle product. It won’t be in the same market at all

  10. I guess the final answer must wait for the 21st November. However, the Rivian technology and final products are really impressive and there is surely a market for those. Tesla will probably surprise us and maybe the Cyber Truck will have a Roadster 2 on it =)

  11. Alex, is there any details about the unveiling event at Space X next week for the Tesla pickup truck? When the semi was unveiled a couple of years ago, they had details about the location of the event at Space X. Nothing this time around though for the Tesla pickup. What's the deal? Is Elon just blowing more smoke here?

  12. I wish RIVIAN success. They will not out do TESSLA. I am only worried about CyberPunk name which is way out their for me. TESLA already has the best technology right now. I am hoping for a scaled down TESLA SEMI in 3 different versions with Center seat for driver an staggered seats for 2 passengers for pickup version with 8’ box, Van style like MB with room for 12’ carpet for tradesman 6.5’ tall inside, and all windows for 15 passenger bus or camper version.

  13. The Rivian pickup is dead – you can pull this video off your feed for your own benefit. Amazon changed the Rivian vision and business model with their purchase and they will be a Van company as that is the right thing to do. Amazons big order changed the focus to vans – maybe in a few years amazon will funnel more money to revive this but its over.

  14. Will the Tesla truck at $50,000 be better than the Rivian for $125,000? I expect the Rivian to have at least some bragging rights at 150% more than the Tesla. But asking the question is an indication of how hard it is for anyone else to compete with Tesla.

  15. I would have said that Rivian and Tesla were attracting different types of people. But then I saw the parking lot of a Rivian event for those who already had Rivian orders. The parking lot was full of Teslas. :-0 ….. -0—-0- ….

  16. I think the 50k starting price point will give Tesla a slight advantage over Rivan. Of course the average buyer looking for a work truck will still go for traditional ICE vehicle. The nitch market looking for Electric truck will be Rivan and Tesla market.

  17. I’m sure there aren’t any pickups that go 800+. Most go 350-500, and some with 33-36 gallon fuel tanks might reach 700 on guest speeds….

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