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Diamond Swords VS Tridents! WHAT'S BETTER?

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30 thoughts on “Diamond Swords VS Tridents! WHAT'S BETTER?

  1. 9:45 the zombie died snd hes turning like a ballarina but still get both of them but 2 of each for every enchantment cuz its stupid no to also put unbreaking

  2. Tridents are better. Solitarily, they have better melee damage and they can also be thrown. They have Channeling, Riptide and Impaling.

  3. They should add the ability to "sacrifice a few nautilus shells into an active conduit set up to summon rain, thus allowing 2 of the trident's enchants to be more viable, and allowing more world control in the mid to late game, depending on when you get a heart of the sea.

  4. Diamond Sword just a good general weapon for me trident are hard to use without loyalty in my opinion

  5. I wish that channeling could summon rain at a higher level (channeling II) making it deal more damage, say 3.5 hearts, and makes it more reliable

  6. In bedrock, Impaling does dmg when mobs(all) is in water or in contact with. Sharpness has 1 dmg at lvl 1 and 0.5 per added lvl, while Impaling has 2.5 at lvl 1 and also 2.5 per lvl. In short trident is better but it needs water.

  7. I think tridents better but at the same time an enchanted diamond sword. and you can also enchant your tridents if you didn’t know

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