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Diamond Bar HS – The Boys of the Old Brigade – 2019 Arcadia Band Review

From Diamond Bar, CA
Diamond Bar High School Thundering Herd performing their musical selection entitled The Boys of the Old Brigade by William Paris Chambers at the 66th Annual Arcadia Festival of Bands on Saturday, November 23, 2019. The Thundering Herd is led by Military Drum Major, Jonathan Tan.

Congratulations on your undefeated season, Diamond Bar!!

Results: Class AA
96.20 – Band Sweepstakes
487.0 – High Music Sweepstakes
97.70 – Auxiliary Sweepstakes
96.75 – 1st place Open Class Military Drum Major (highest DM score of band review, back to back – 2018 and 2019)

Playlist – 2019 Arcadia Band Review:


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15 thoughts on “Diamond Bar HS – The Boys of the Old Brigade – 2019 Arcadia Band Review

  1. From all the top drum majors of Northern California, we were all very impressed by the drum major. A mesmerizing performance! Your previous drum major has taught you well and the legacy lives on! Superb performance Jonathan!

  2. thank you music213 for being able to capture every single parade. without you, it would be harder to review our mistakes and get better from it. we truly appreciate you! ❤️

  3. Great look and sound. D.M. was outstanding, and all the scores reflect that. Congratulations to all. 50+ years ago we also competed at Arcadia. After Long Beach, this was the one to win. Most of your parents weren't even born yet. The school was Grossmont, down in San Diego area. This brought back some seriously nice memories. Great job Music213, see you in a few weeks, we are doing a home stay for you know who. Great job guys…..winning the Sweepstakes never gets old.

  4. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done to help us improve and succeed. When times that I am down I watch a music 213 and remember all the good times in marching band and I feel happier thank you ❤️

  5. Wonderful job, Diamond Bar. Thank you for allowing me to capture all your wonderful performances for you to enjoy and for all of us to see. The unexpected treat was a really nice touch on your part and I will forever be thankful for it. What makes a band truly great? Look in the mirror.

  6. Thank you Luis for all of the work you put into each and every one of your videos. You’ve been such a significant factor as to why we’ve had these successes throughout the season. I can’t stress enough how much we at Diamond Bar appreciate you!

  7. thank you so much luis! you hold a large part in how we become and have become what we are today. we hope to have you around for the years to come. <3

  8. Music 213, thanks for all the memories that you’ve captured for me throughout the years. From my first parade in 2016 till my last in 2019, every moment available for me to look back on thanks to your hard work. Your passion truly makes great bands greater. Thanks for everything.
    -DBHS Senior

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