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Dell XPS 17 Video Review (HD)

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Here’s our review of the Dell XPS 17 laptop. Specs include an Intel Core i7-2630 QM processor, 6GB of DDR3 RAM, 640GB of hard drive space spinning at 7200rpm, an Nvidia GeForce GT550M graphics card with 1GB of graphical memory and Optimus Technology, and a 3D capable Blu-ray reader.

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46 thoughts on “Dell XPS 17 Video Review (HD)

  1. This laptop was the single biggest mis-buy of my entire life. I spent upwards of 1500 euro's on a top spec xps 17. It has a i7, Nvidea 3gb graphics card and 16 gb of ram, none of which seem to be fucking connected to the motherboard. because it's about 4x as slow as my girlfriends 300 euro Acer laptop. Don't buy Dell.

  2. If only they brought this series back and we could have nice looking dell powerhouses instead of boxy gray alienwares that weight a ton and don't even have good screens

  3. my laptop that im using right now is the exact same, but the resolution is 1600×900, soo…. u sure u said it right?

  4. I've had this laptop for over 5 years now and LOVE it! Use it for gaming, work and school. Never has let me down. (2016) I do have a 9 cell battery, so it does last longer during the day and raises it up off the desk.

  5. If I connected my xbox to it through HDMI, how to I change the input to HDMI, or does it ask me if I want it to go to HDMI?

  6. 3:05* one does not simply take an xps 17 outside.
    4:00 aww I didn't know you could get a chiclet keyboard
    4:10 "future proofing" amen brother I'm still using it!
    4:48 you can fry an egg on it… BECAUSE YOU WOULD BURN THE EGG
    5:08 you literally can't rest your hand on it!
    5:15 the audio is incredible
    5:55 its cumbersome as fuck
    6:13 I CALL BULLSHIT! the battery doesn't last 2 hours, once it lasted 30 minutes but those days are long gone
    6:35 I'm not sure if it's ever left my room

  7. hi jeff
    i really enjoyed your videos reviews alot…..can you plz tell that if i got this laptop without 3D screen so then what will be its screen resulotion and also will it be able with blu-ray player or not?
    (Hope u reply)

  8. I have the same laptop. Great computer (with GT 555m instead of GT 550m)
    It's noisy, big, and weights 4,5kg.. but he said it had a problem with speaker placement, that is not a problem for me, i hear crystal clear + the subwoofer (i turn on max) it is even better than HP DV7t quard edition (my dads laptop)

    i have a 9 cell battery, i can use it in (believe me) 4-6 hours on youtube, 7-8 hours on word- excel so on. on movies its kinda the same as youtube.
    Great laptop anyways
    Good review! 🙂

  9. Please! guys choose me! Gift me The Dell XPS 17!!! I've been asking my dad to buy a computer for 3 years!!! he still hasn't bought it to me!! he's suck a duchbag!!! please, guys!

  10. I agree. The laptop, despite it's size and weight, is just an overall great looking computer. You said something about how you can decide if the specs are good for you or not, and i think they are great. It is able to play any game i throw out it at the least with a resolution of 1366×768, but most games it can do 1080p. I love the way it sits on my desk, i love the loudness of the speakers, the screen is beautiful, I honestly can't think of a complaint I have about this laptop.

  11. I got it fixed. I contacted dell today and talked to them about the problem, it turns out, there were some graphics cards drivers out of date, now the fan runs very quietly aside from when i am playing a heavy duty game.

  12. Hey, i have the xps 17 and i have been having an issue with the fan. It is EXTREMELY loud during idle or even just browsing the web. Have you been having this issue too or is it something I should tell dell about and maybe they could fix it.

  13. @77BLAZER77 this is the only 17 inch laptop besides alienware and inspiron. but dell is not like apple in which they have a newer vesion every year, dell is always updating their laptops so you know you are always getting the latest specs

  14. it has a 2nd gen intel core i7 i think like 3.2 ghz, but not sure. nvidia geforce gt 550m (one of the best graphics cards ive seen on a laptop) 1tb storage. 8g ram. 64 bit windows 7 home premium. If you do get this laptop, right away make sure to uninstall

  15. Sure, i think its definitely worth buying if it will be at home most of the time. I got mine for around 1200 dollars. its a really great computer for doing graphics intensive stuff. it has about a 5 hr battery life watching videos, and does not everheat

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