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Dell XPS 15z Full In Depth Review (Macbook Pro Alternative ?)

50 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15z Full In Depth Review (Macbook Pro Alternative ?)

  1. Nice indepth review………….. thanks . can you please guide me if i want to upgrade my processor from 2nd to 5th generation ?

  2. I think you might be talking abut the Dell XPS 15 l521x model. I had the same issue with both a new one and a refurbished one. Dell says they have been working on it – it's been almost a year I believe, and there hasn't been any progress. The machine itself is beautiful, and it was such a low blow for me to have to send it back because of the wifi. There's always something.

  3. I've got one of these and all you need to do to play long hours is to set the power consumption to standard power save (not high performance profile) on the windows battery save options and elevate it a bit so the vent underneath has enough space to absorb cool air, I've been playing Assassin's Creed 2 for around 3 hours a day and the first day I played around 6 hours and everything is good 🙂

  4. This has to be a paid clip, because the computer doesn't live up to the hype. Battery life is under 2 hours, the trim was broken when I received it. Typing is a pain, as the track pad picks up evey tap causing the cursor to move all over the place, even with the sensitivity turned down. The screen turned green the other day and become intermitant. This is the worst computer I've ever purchased. Buy the MacBook Pro 15 and save yourself some grief.

  5. update the wireless driver, but dell xps WIFI is good… i'm playing BF3 right now with wireless with no lag!
    (i hava a 210kb/s connection)

  6. Don't really use mine much (i have a usb mouse) so I'm not really sure :/ Haven't had any issues that I can recall…what's going wrong with it?

  7. Hello, thanks for the review, i'm thinking of buying this laptop for next year cause i'll be in college
    I was wondering if could run some video games as well

  8. does it get very hot or maybe the fan too loud while doing normal stuff, suring inet, listening to music, pics, chatting..whatever??

  9. This laptop is terrible! The keyboard is just too small. Smaller than a 13 inch laptop! And the fans just keep running non-stop like a power plant. It is incredibly noisy. The only good thing about this laptop is the full HD screen.

  10. great review

    i have wanting to get rid of my old white macbook for awhile now. I love the features of Snow Leopard, but everything seems to run on windows nowadays. Plus, with only 2GB of ram and a processor speed of 2.13 GHz its not great for games unless the graphics are on minimum detail :/

  11. Aluminum body with a backlit keyboard with chiclet keys and nice display….I wish someone would have thought of this awesome stuff before now.

  12. hi i would like to ask you how is this when playing games …(fifa 12,batlefield 3,crysis 2…or those kind of games)
    at the moment i have an xps 15( good when playing games just gets a bit hot after a while) and i would like to change it for one like this and i wana know if it deserve it.

  13. Sssseeeexxxxxxyyyyyy….oh and the laptop's not bad either :p

    great review…very thorough…great job on keeping the pertinent info objective

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