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Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review – Almost Perfect!

22 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review – Almost Perfect!

  1. Still working on improving the mic quality and also starting to review some Windows laptops. Thanks for watching and hope ya enjoy!

  2. hi, does anyone here have a serious banding issue and bad mid-tones in Dell XPS 15? It was a recommended laptop for photo and video editing, 4k display, awesome colours hurray, but stuff like that happens. I have BIOS and drivers up to date, downloaded Dell PremierColor, intel graphics settings and nothing works. Does anyone know how to fix this or have better laptop in mind? Thanks a lot

  3. You need to stick with Apple because you criticize every part of this Dell claiming it is inferior to Apple in every way. A review that is completely negative is not very informative.

  4. DON'T BUY DELL!!!

    I've bought Dell XPS 15 9570 1 month ago with i7-8750H , 16 GiB RAM and GF 1050M. I've paid 2500€ for it and it's garbage.

    Wifi is slow @ max 35 Mbit. My iPad pro gets 70 Mbit easy, my Thinkpad gets more than Dell.

    I've connected the laptop to external display and closed the lid, then wifi drops to 0,7 Mbps!!

    When connected to external display via USB-C it does some weird noise constantly, which isn't present on other laptop.

    Often it is stuck at 790 MHz. It doesn't gives a sh@t which power mode is chosen, when it wants to run @790 Mhz it just runs slow. It isn't hot, not even warm.

    I play only 1 game, Dota 2. I play it on medium graphics and it still can't keep constant 50fps. CPU and GPU are chilling at 50% usage, laptop is cold, but game is not smooth.

    All of this is with updated drivers and it drives me mad. I owned different brands of laptop, and this is the first one with such sh@tty performance.

    Google Dell wifi card problems, or Dell stuck at 800mhz

  5. thinking of buying this for college this fall because my home desktop is slow and outdated and i have no laptop, this would replace my home desktop and be my daily driver, so the battery life is very important, but on a 1080p screen for better battery life and not gaming during the day because college, i think this is suffice. thanks!

  6. I want to buy a laptop for animation and gaming. Can someone advice me which one to choose between the Razer Blade 15*, the *Asus HERO-GL504GM-ES152T and the Dell XPS 15 ?
    Thaanks !

  7. I had this XPS for five months. I had many issues. It didn’t recognise the charger. The screen
    bleed made watching videos and Netflix a pain, not the great experience I was
    expecting from a high end laptop. The sound went crazy after a bios update four
    weeks ago. Dell sent a tech guy to replace the motherboard, the screen and the
    speakers. BitLocker had been set up by Dell so when the new components were
    replaced the laptop was locked. Dell solution was a fresh install of Windows.
    All my info would be wiped……NOT GOOD! I had done my research but Dell are doing
    quite a lot wrong. I don’t want to but maybe it’s time to go back to Apple. Any

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