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Dell XPS 15 9560 REVIEW – The Best Gets Better! (Kaby Lake + GTX 1050)

The New Dell XPS 15 9560 has the latest Kaby Lake processors and a GTX 1050 4GB graphics card making it the ultimate blend of performance & portability. It’s not cheap though, so is the XPS 15 worth buying? US:

Hope you enjoyed the video – Thanks for watching!

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37 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15 9560 REVIEW – The Best Gets Better! (Kaby Lake + GTX 1050)

  1. POWER!!!!!!!!!!!,,,……..I NEED a system for sound generation ……………so heres the demands i need to boot up the only avalable win 10,then boot reason 9 studio editer,then boot electra2 …………………about 16 times,also some loose system to manipulate and expriment?

  2. Display response time is terrible, pls is there something can i do??????
    I recently buy it because 9570 is 333 more dlls in my country. Also dont have dell support
    Ive been using an ipad pro 120 hz ,and to use this display have shock me cause its price, what can i do?!?! T.T

  3. I have this and managed to get it for $1200 new lol. I bought a refurbished one and it kept having problems, so they exchanged it for another refurbished and it had problems too. Then they had no refurbished laptops left… so they gave me a new one. Honestly I use it for work and light gaming…

  4. Xps 15 is great! I got one, (for 1,100 off of course, i couldn't afford it otherwise) also i barely could afford it with the massive discount. Hella dank man

  5. @TheTechChap I am looking to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 15, which sadly no longer can open more than Excel, Paint & a web browser at the same time… -_- That said, I am wondering between the XPS 15 1970 vs 1960 with 512 GB & FHD display. Being a non-gamer, but using somewhat processing power demanding software for research/work & being in the UK with UK prices, which would you recommend at this point in time? Thank you in advance.

  6. Don't buy 4k screen (with touch screen). Just get FULL HD (Save +4hours life) and with Thunderbold 3 you can connect it to external 4k monitor.

  7. Best machine ive ever purchased. Fully specd i paid about 3,800. Not cheap but i have 4tb ssd 32gb ram and Win 10 pro, office pro. Im a very serious programmer and run many virtual machines at the same time. I also run Mac OS X in a virtual machine. Best laptop ever.

  8. comparing XPS 9560 with Precision 5520, which would be better for DAW, light video editing and basic autocad when Precision costs $150 more?

  9. Would you recommend this to an architecture student? My budget is around 1300 euros so I'll opt for this model: Dell XPS 15 9560 Touch (i5-7300HQ/8GB/256GB/GeForce GTX 1050/UHD/W10). I'll be running programs like Autocad and Photoshop. Thank you in advance!

  10. My son agrees with you, but I was told the newest model overheats quicly, and the battery life was shorter. This was in Best Buy. I'm wondering if they have an even older model than 2017, or, they came out with 2018 version that is not as good.

  11. You play games on a thin laptop and then expect the fans to run quite ? Are you serious bro ? Gaming in any thin laptop heats it up, so the fans have to run at full speed to cool it down. Are you too dumb to understand this being a reviewer ? It is because of you reviewers that manufacturers have released Max-Q graphics cards. All the whining and complaining has led to the release of downgraded graphics cards. When for the same money we used to get GTX 1060/1070/1080 (Laptop version), now we get a downgraded, lower performing Max-Q versions. All the high performance/gaming laptop buyers will take full version GTX graphics card along with fan noise any day over those shitty Max-Q cards.

  12. Great overall review, however, there is one major oversight, you didn't check the CPU and GPU temps of test for thermal throttling.

  13. can this laptop run batllfield 5 /watch dogs 2 / the crew 2 / assasin's creed odyssey / GTA V / fifa 18 or 19 / star wars battlefront 2 (2017)

  14. Just picked this up on eBay second hand but in excellent condition for exactly £900, i7, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD and 1080p screen. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

  15. Aww Video ! Will This laptop be Good for Video Post production Like Davinci resolve or Fusion ?? for Bit of Editing & Color Grading ??

  16. I’ve watched more reviews than I can count on laptops in the last couple of weeks trying to find a laptop for myself. This is the best review I have seen. Great work! I actually purchased the new HP Spectre x360 with Radeon Vega graphics but had to return it because of crashing and lagging/overheating(unboxing and reason for return videos on my other channel (Monitoring Reviews) if you want to check that out. Thanks for this review. I think you’ve sold me on the XPS 15 although I’m not sure if I should buy now or wait for the 2018 model with 8th Gen Intel.

  17. Hello, I need a laptop wich I can work on any software of adobe, and toon boom harmony with the greatest performance. XPS 15 can make the job? And is there a big different between I5 and I7? thank you 🙂

  18. I say avoid this model. I have a XPS 9550 that just had the motherboard die on me and it was barely two years old. I spent $2,000 on mine.

    As for me and Dell…our relationship is over.

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