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Dell XPS 15 2016 Review and test results (Core 15, FHD, Hybrid drive)

The Dell XPS 15 with the FHD screen scored 86% in our extensive test. There’s a good hybrid storage solution, great build quality and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M which turns this into a gaming-capable device.

Dell XPS 15 9550 specifications:

Processor: Intel Core i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz
Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M – 2048 MB, Core: 1033 MHz, Memory: 1253 MHz, GDDR5, ForceWare 359.06, Optimus mit HD Graphics 530
Memory: 8192 MB , DDR4-1866 SO-DIMM, 2 slots occupied
Display: 15.6 inch 16:9, 1920×1080 pixel, Sharp SHP1453 LQ156M1 Dell PN: 1203M, IPS, glossy: no
Mainboard: Intel HM170 (Skylake PCH-H)
Storage: WDC WD10SPCX-75KHST0 + LiteON CS1-SP32-11 M.2 2242 32GB, 1000 GB , WD10SPCX-75KHST0 in RAID with LiteON CS1-SP32-11 M.2 2242 32GB
Weight: 1.958 kg ( = 69.07 oz / 4.32 pounds), Power Supply: 435 g ( = 15.34 oz / 0.96 pounds)
Price as tested: 1579 Euro

You’ll find the full review of the Dell XPS 15 9550 (Core i5), including gaming performance test results, here.

Dell XPS 15 9550 service manual is here.

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Review by: J. Simon Leitner / Sebastian Jentsch
Video review by Steve ‘@chippy’ Paine

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16 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15 2016 Review and test results (Core 15, FHD, Hybrid drive)

  1. Anyone who is watching this video to decide between this or a Macbook Pro… well it comes down to battery life and cost, for the price you pay for the FHD version battery life on the XPS is still not great and you could buy a Macbook Pro with double or even triple the battery life.

  2. I switched to OS X with a Macbook Pro Mid 2009 in summer 2009 from a Win XP desktop device. No I am working with an upgraded Mac Mini Mid 2011 (i5, 16GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD). I wolud like to have a laptop again, thinking about whether to buy a Macbook Pro 13 Retina or a Dell XPS instead since I am very courious about the XPS and Win 10. But I need a very stable system since I use my computer for music production (recording, mixing and mastering). Do you think the XPS 13 or 15 would be a good choice for those tasks? Thx!

  3. I would like an XPS 15 to use as my main computer. I only need it to perform daily tasks, web browsing, occasional Photoshop and Illustrator, playing music and videos. My only special requirement is storage. Should I get this version with the 1TB hard drive plus 32GB SSD? Or should I get the 512GB SSD version, which also has 16GB of RAM and an i7 processor? I'm siding with the 512GB version, thinking that it will remain fast in the long run, and that I can simply use an external hard drive for storage, whereas the 1TB version will perform okay at first, but will slow down as I use up the storage. Would this assessment be accurate, or will the 1TB version perform sufficiently fast even as the storage is filled?

  4. Dell seems to have sorted out the range available in the EU and UK very recently, a few more options with the FHD screen are available. Just ordered the i7, 16GB, 512 ssd and 84wh battery with FHD. Fingers crossed it's not one of the lemons they seem to be churning out a bit too often at the moment.

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