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Dell XPS 13 Laptop Unboxing | Plus Review

A full unboxing of the Dell XPS 13 laptop, looking at box and charger and then a full view of the laptop and look at all the ports and slots. Plus turning it on and setting it up with a quick test – including the touchscreen. And finally, an overall review of the Dell XPS 13 and what I think of it.


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31 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 Laptop Unboxing | Plus Review

  1. Sorry for the late comment but that “rubbery” feel is carbon fiber. Just saying not hating besides that the video was great.

  2. l can play in this laptop

    GTA 5 and Maincraft or not

    l thenk not and how much is this laptop in Kuwait,(because I'm in Kuwait)

    –. and {thank you} .–

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