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Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake (2017) Review and tests by Notebookcheck

Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake (2017 model) Review and tests – 88%. An 88 / 100 score is very good and one of the top laptops of the year. This review shows the Core i7 version with QHD+ screen. Battery life is good.


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46 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake (2017) Review and tests by Notebookcheck

  1. How far back does the screen tilt on this? I've heard the limited viewing angles can be issue when using it on your lap.

  2. how the fuck is it getting 96% in "noise" when so many users complain about coil whine?. When this is literally the only reason i am hesitating at all 😀 otherwise this devive would be perfect

  3. I've tried two dell xps 13 (Kaby Lake) laptops, one brand new, one refurbished under dell warranty, both came with terrible coil whine. Even after having the motherboard replaced with the new version (A02), the coil whine is still in there, I'm very surprised why Dell engineering team still couldn't come up with a solution for that and they keep selling this faulty product.

  4. For those who are asking spectre and coil whine etc. XPS 13 is way better than hp in terms of productivity, you want to get rid of coil whine then get the 1080p mode, not the 4k one. Battery is fantastic and after latest BIOS , no coil whine in 1080p models

  5. Please notebooktech, review about notebook Dell Inspiron 14 7460. Cheaper budget Infinite edge version from Dell with gt940mx. This version not market in Europe, but this notebook sold fast in Asia Country.. Thanks..

  6. I did not want to see an unboxing. I clicked for a review!!! to gain viewers just deliver quality and not try to lure them in with unbooxing previews of stuff nobody came for here

  7. I had xps 9350 and now I buy 9360, one is difference… the touchpad on 9360 have rougher surface and my finger was worse to slides and reaction touchpad is worse… it is bad issue ? I love touchpad on 9350 but touchpad on 9360 is sick :/

  8. For graphics application: "old" Dell XPS 13 i7 Skylake Intel Iris 540 or the new Keby Lake i7 intel 620 HD? There are about the same price in my country

  9. The adaptive brightness can be turned off through the Intel integrated graphics program. It's supposed to be an energy saving feature.

  10. Can u do a comparison between yoga 910 and xps 13? I bought two yoga 910 but the screen color is different one is more warmer and another one is cooler. I don't know if it's normal or not.

  11. I'm in between purchasing the new XPS 13 with the same spec, only torn between FHD or add $300 for the QHD. Everything else would stay the same. Do you think it's worth it to upgrade $300 for the QHD? How's the glaring especially when use outdoors? Battery life consideration? Will I regret not getting the QHD (if I ended up with the FHD)?

  12. I saw some users mentioning about the coil whining issue for XPS 13 series, just wondering if you have noticed that during your review? Thanks!

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