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Dell XPS 13 (2015) Ultrabook Review

The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. Infinity Display. Super compact. But is it enough for Jack to warm up to the Dell brand name? Let’s find out!

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Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Kalvin Shum


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24 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 (2015) Ultrabook Review

  1. Hi, does anyone know If I can connect this to a 4k monitor with a 1.2 Display port? what adapter do I need and will I get 4k at 60 fps. Thanks!

  2. From my experience in college, a power companion is imperative. While everyone else is competing for a limited number of sockets in a lecture hall, the power companion can be used to sustain the life of the laptop. Though it won't replace a power brick, it's important when all the other plugs are occupied at the moment during lecture.

  3. dell xps 13 with i7 processor and 16GB or RAM or MacBook Pro with i5 and 8GM of RAM? everyone keeps saying that the xps is way better than the MacBook Air but what about the Pro?

  4. I'm writing this comment from my new XPS 13. I too have had bad experience with Dell laptops, not from personal use but from working on them at previous jobs. This laptop is gorgeous and the built quality is awesome. I drool over carbon fiber on a regular bases so having it on here is just icing on the cake.  The QHD display is worth it, as well as getting it with at least the core i5. Coming from a Mac Book Pro and a Think Pad for work, this thing makes using a computer fun again. Do yourself a favor and just get it!

  5. It was all nice until you showed the bleeding on the screen sides….what is wrong with this manufacturers….?

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