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Dell XPS 13 (2014 Edition) Review

12 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 (2014 Edition) Review

  1. I bought one, xps 13 touch screen 9333. UNFORTUNATELY, my considerations:
    – battery life claimed up to 8 hours? It works up to 3 editing docs at 40% brightness
    – screen flips absurdly very very little.
    – fan is noisy and overheaing (its October )
    – claimed spillproof keyboard is not.
    – touch screen is far away from tablet responsiveness and if you touch it at the top it will bounce the keyboard half.

  2. Hi. I'm considering buying an XPS 13, but have read several negative reviews (fairly widespread issues, apparently) regarding:

    1) Laptop over-heating issues
    2) Touchpad response being way off
    2) An annoying whining sound from the processor

    I currently own a Dell XPS 14z, which has given me a fair amount of headaches too, so I can easily give credit to the negative reviews I've read.

    Could anyone who owns/has reviewed a 2014 XPS 13 give me their take and confirm whether these negative points are real issues or not?

    Thanks a ton!

  3. At that price, this laptop is way deep into Retina MacBook's territory. I don't think one would sacrifice a 2560*1600 screen for a 1080p screen. Well there are definitely other points to consider, but IMO I would exchange this for the rMBP any day.

  4. Great review. I've got this model myself (I just checked out the vid out of curiousity). The screen is genuinely gorgeous, it's delightfully thin and light, and it's snappy and easy to use. 
    You might notice close to the beginning how she had to press different buttons to try and get it to wake up from sleep mode. That's actually because it's weird trying to wake it up (although it's a 4 second boot from being shut down). If anyone from Dell is screening these comments, PLEASE fix this silly problem on this amazing machine. Seriously.

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