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Dell XPS 11 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Dell XPS 11 2-in-1 Windows 8.1 Ultrabook and tablet. The XPS 11 has a very high resolution 11.6″ Sharp IGZO touch screen (2560 x 1440) and it weighs just 2.5 pounds. It competes with the Lenovo Yoga 11, Sony Vaio Tap 11 and Surface Pro 2, and it runs full Windows 8.1 64 bit on an Intel Core-5 4210Y 1.5GHz dual core Haswell CPU with Intel HD 4200 graphics. The XPS has a very attractive carbon fiber and metal casing and a capacitive keyboard with non-moving, backlit keys. It has dual band WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot and a full size HDMI port. Prices start at $999 for the Core i3 model, our Core i5 with a 128 gig SSD and 4 gigs of RAM sells for $1,249.
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39 thoughts on “Dell XPS 11 Review

  1. hi i have dell xps 11 new but i have problem. When you use it normal vibrates and windows screen comes thats disturbing a lot what could be the problem. Thanks

  2. Thanks Lisa for the review. Just got my xps 11 today. The price was much lower than it was when you reviewed it. I got mine for $545( Amazon) with i5 and 128 SSD. You're spot on about the keyboard (i'm writing this with the touch keyboard). I would not pay $1249 but feel its a good deal at what I paid. The keyboard is kinda tough. Even at the lightest pressure I still have to press kinda hard. Thanks for all your hard work reviewing everything as you're definitely one of the best on Youtube!

  3. Thanks for the review. saw this for $600 at a few places and i think its on my shortlist now. im torn between a detachable 2/1 or a 360 degree laptop. i will have to type a fair amount for school each week and this might be a bit small for what i want. i really like in tablet mode i wouldnt feel the keys but idk how it is to type on a keyboard like this. with these specs and the screen, the price seems like one of the best deals.

  4. Honestly the keyboard is okay. It takes about 2 weeks to get used to it and then you just forget about it. Then again I have another laptop for serious data entry. For Mac Air coffee shop usage its fantastic.

  5. I wish I would hve watched this befor buying this shit. The keybard is driving me nuts.
    And ys Im using it right now. it' s so frustrating i'd rater use te on screen virtual keyboard.

  6. The upcoming and affordable Willow Trail-based hybrids will be hard to beat. Perhaps a paradigm changer in mobile computing.

  7. STAY AWAY FROM DELL! I have the new Dell XPS 12 with the Intel Haswell i7 processor and ive had nothing but trouble with it. Within 2 months of having it the wireless card had to be changed, then the touch screen stopped working, the bluetooth SUUUCKS my bluetooth mouse rarely stays connected. Ive had to restore the system 9 times, literally! And ive only had it for about 5 months. ALSO, i can not update the system without everything ceasing to work especially the bluetooth drive… Ive learned that products like these are complete gimmicks. From my experience with Windows based systems; my next purchase will be a Mac. BTW, Lisa i love your reviews, before i buy anything i look to see if you have reviewed it.

  8. I need a tablet in full windows 8 that I can download word/PowerPoint and iTunes so what tablet can I get in your advice ?  

  9. Great review as always, great hardware, kinda overpriced though. At such high price, I'd expect it to have a Wacom digitizer screen, 256GB of SSD, 8GB of RAM AND clicky keyboard keys. The display is an overkill on such small screen, 1080p is enough for Windows on such small screen…but that's my opinion. Now the Surface Pro 2 256GB + TypeCover 2 feels a lot cheaper, in terms of price.

    This Dell XPS 11 is a mid-range Laptop (due to its slower Y series i5 CPU, 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM AND poor keyboard, ~$700) merged with a tablet ($500). Totaling at $1200 worth, yet it's price tag is set to $1250…overpriced in my book. However, 256GB model seems to be a just fair price as the bump to 256GB SSD adds a $300 worth, but they only bump up the price by $200. Still wouldn't recommend it over the Surface Pro 2.

    The Surface Pro 2 256GB + TypeCover 2 on the other hand; it's a high-end i5 256GB SSD 8GB RAM Laptop ($1300) merged with a Tablet ($500) AND an Intuos Wacom board ($350). Totaling at $2150 worth, yet it's price tag is set to $1430…far from overpriced in my book. $20 cheaper than the 256GB Dell XPS 11, $650 more value (Clicky Keyboard = $50, 8GB RAM Upgrade = $100, U Series CPU Upgrade = $150, Add Intuos Wacom Board = $350)…

    Either ways, still a great hardware design. Thankfully, Lenovo isn't a pathetic anti-competitor like Apple…at-least not yet…otherwise, we'll be seeing lawsuits flying Dells way for this awesome design.

  10. Nice review as always.
    The price for this Dell is extortionate, for that price I could buy a Laptop with double the RAM and a dedicated Graphics card I could play high spec games on. Anyone who pays for this is a sucker.

  11. Hmmm, laptop/tablet Frankenstein's monster. I think hardware companies should stop trying to reinvent the laptop. A tablet is a tablet. A laptop a laptop. Let's keep it that way. As always, Lisa, great review.

  12. As usual, your reviews are amazing Lisa! It's interesting that Dell made this design choice (the 360-degree hinge). Can you please make a review of the XPS 15 (Haswell/late 2013 model)? I'm surprised you haven't reviewed this system yet. It's an amazing notebook. I would love to watch your review of it, if you can.

  13. As a Thinkpad Yoga owner I can't tell you enough how great the flip hinge is. It truly is super beneficial to the overall experience and something I hope appears on more laptops as time goes on. That said, while this looks like a good machine, I would never be able to get over that keyboard. 

    There's really no reason why to do anything past the solution Lenovo used for the Thinkpad Yoga keyboard anyway. That works great. The more noticeable issue that should be addressed for laptops such as this is creating a touchpad that becomes unpressable once switched to tablet mode. 

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