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Dell Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review

I review the Dell Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

If you want to jump to sections of the review, please find the timings below;

01:15 – Setup
03:40 – Headset
07:28 – Controllers
09:46 – Content
10:42 – Conclusion

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43 thoughts on “Dell Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review

  1. Yeah I'm looking for a more uptodate review of this headset considering the fact steamvr is now included. But can't find one 🙁

  2. I usually check the Oasis for the VR reviews and Its a shame how outdated this review is.

    This Headset deserves a massive re review as It now has full compatibility on Steam and its THE most affordable Desktop VR headset you can get in the market.

  3. I think your review was too critic, no mention about tracking without any external camera, and how the situation change with steam vr support. In any case you are really nice and I really love your videos, keep going on with the good work.

  4. No Speakers???
    OMG…. I guess we'll have to wait for someone to invent some tiny speakers that can go in your ears……
    One day maybe….

  5. A simple read of the spec would show the boost over Vive & Oculus in resolution and more.
    Most people on pc use headset & mic's….they will continue to use those with this headset…so hardly a "Massive MASSIVE oversight"…and watching this guy trying to fit this headset OVER huge headphones is just ridiculous…clearly he's an oculus fanboy through & through & no i don't own a Dell so i've no skin in the game, but i was hoping for an impartial review, but that's not to be seen here…

  6. i was the one who made this video have more dislikes than likes who says one person cant make a difference………. by the way im still buying one

  7. I feel as if this is biased.. I do know outside in is better overall tracking but rarely will you have issues with tracking on WMR.. when the controllers are in sight tracking is on par with my Rift. You do have issues when throwing things and playing bow and arrow games but it's not to to big of an issue.

    The resolution is FAR better on the WMR headsets than on the Rift and Vive, SDE is also far less.

    I feel as if an updated review is needed, this is to outdated and should not be taken to heart.. I love my WMR just as much as my Rift, PSVR to me is inferior to the two but great for what it is.

    As it stands now I just find this review biased and one sided.. it don't point out the positives it just knit picks the negatives.

    After seeing this review I definitely look at Virtual Reality Oasis as a whole completely different.

  8. My Father brings home many vr headsets and by far I thought for the price and the way I would use it. It was good. But I can see if you are a person who wants it to be crazy good and who does not worry about the price by all means those would be better.

  9. Well many things has been fixed now and SteamVR integration is far better, my question is if you still don't recommend WMR headset's ?

  10. I just bought his HMD so i am looking forward to getting it this week, because i have come to a impass with the Rift and those bloody god rays, they are really killing the whole system for me, and i read these tone that issue down somewhat so that will be a win hopefully.

  11. The Lenovo was much better than the Rift with small audio headset anyhow (IPD the catch though for some). Yet apparently the Samsung is much kewler. Might upgrade. We now know that WMR will be the format to follow. Hell HTC are in the process of developing WMR integration as a backup now. Which is a smart move. Oculus should be smart enough to follow suit. The internal tracking and unified software is the key. Microsoft got it right this time. Apart from enterprise stuff it has been a while for them.

  12. my recent motherboard for coffeelake didn't come with bluetooth 🙁 my old gaming system had bluetooth 4.0. I did get a cheap bluetooth dongle for my bluetooth headset, but the connection is crap. feel like taking the bluetooth out of my mac pro and plugging it in.

  13. I have a ok laptop 3 years old and cant run terraria would it work for it? Do i need it to be connected to a laptop? I wanted to get Oculus gom which would be bettee?

  14. I deadass bought one today and it’s NOT WORKING!!! I know I did something wrong but I don’t know what? I connected the hdmi cord to my tv (I use as a screen) and I connected the usb cord to the tv as well. Or do I connect then into my pc? I honestly have no smarts in technology. Fuckin hell

  15. My opinion is to wether buy this or not I say you should because it's extremely cheap but never disappoints with its gameplay and you can play all vr steam games

  16. 3:46 Dude the resolution is 1440×1440 per eye so a combined total of 2880×1440 Thats a higher resolution than the oculus and vive. So there definately is a resolution difference

  17. 99% of steam games r basically supported with the mixed reality headset, ur review made it seem as if the headset only works with Microsoft based games.

  18. Does the fact that the Price is under $250 and it has steam support now change your Mind at all? I already have the rift but moving it around to show people is a pain with all the sensors and adjustments. Wanted two setups so my kids could play co-op games and wouldn't fight. I know second gen VR will be better so I didn't want to spend a ton until then. I ease of setup no matter the room seems great. Will it be that big of a difference from the rift to not justify the $250 price tag?

  19. Lol I find it funny that you are going on and on about it not having headphones. I'm looking into getting the Samsung Odyssey and I'm annoyed that it does have headphones. I'd prefer to use my Bluetooth earbuds. Honestly I think these were made for more casual gamers. It seems like the hardcore VR early adopters really hate these but people who are only interested in VR see the value in them.

  20. Wmr is 200$ on sale, no addition to buy needed. Steam vr natively, and oculus via revive. Great. Plug and play. Cables can be extended with usb 3.0 and hdmi 2 quality extenders. (+2m max) controllers with touchpad and sticks. I am happy. No headphones is one real problem. Visual quality is good for most wmr (comparable with vive and rift. Less godrays and SDR, but less sweetspot) and great for odyssey (better than vive pro) So yes. Go to your rift

  21. This was just not right, I feel it’s not objective. Honestly I never used any vr but this one seems so simple and accessible, and seems to work in games even if it’s cheaper.

  22. I am using two 4gb RX 560 graphics cards with direct X12 multi GPU. I know that people say that the RX 560 is not good enough for VR gaming so my question is being that the Dell visor is a low grade VR headset will the RX 560 graphics card work very will with VR.

  23. Since Dec/Jan this headset is fully supported natively in Steam VR and has updated tracking via motion significantly. you may wish to re-review or update this video.

  24. I'd guess the controllers have that flex so when/if you do hit them against a wall ,they don't snap off because they're too ridged.

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