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Dell Vostro 5468 Review

Back in December, we got ourselves an early Christmas present. So we decided to give it a try and let you know our thoughts. Here’s our review of the Dell Vostro 5468.

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35 thoughts on “Dell Vostro 5468 Review

  1. this laptop is so bad , we have A couple of these at work , we had so much issues with this model , Ethernet port stop functioning , battery life after A year is A joke , overheating like crazy.

    I'll save you the bother if you need cheap model DON'T buy this one , go for the inspiron if you must have dell , this laptop is built like A toy.

  2. this laptop's design is so good but it's performance is very bad & much more slow… I baught it for its design nd it is very slim but I think I waste my money please don't buy.

  3. I have this laptop, but I was so dissapointed, some keys in keyboard arent working, the screen is 720p, and it is slow.. but the rest of my laptop is good especially design and a fingerprint sensor which is good.. Wish that I upgrade some specs in my laptop 😪.. sorry for my bad english

  4. I have a Vostro 5468 just like his laptop gold.. this laptop is very awesome cuz it has long battery life and it is a fast laptop. After 7 mon, I sti using this.. (sorry for my english)

  5. Be careful about specifications – some shops sell 5468 with i3 CPU and no nVidia GPU and HDD instead of SSD. Dell is just messing with our minds by producing different spec-ed units under the same model number. See here:

    But almost every manufacturer does the same, so be careful, do some investigation in your local shop, do not rely on model number and reviews alone.

  6. Im a Computer Science student going into 11th grade in high school. I work with Visual Studio for proggraming will this laptop ?be good for me

  7. Hey bro..i am in india and this one is avialable in 61k with 1tb hdd, other specs same people say this laptop is slow, i want a a laptop around 60k for video editing pls suggest me.

  8. I got the vostro 5568.. its a good laptop in every sense but the anti glare display makes the display very dull.. its full hd but the pictures look very grainy specially in whites.. my other hd laptop with glossy display looks much better.. if I could only change this 1 thing everything else is perfect..

  9. sorry, I want to ask how many slots / Ram memory space on dell vostro 5468??? one slots ? or two slots?
    thanks before

  10. Fuck Off Dell Vostro 5468 i5… My New Laptop 1 month But Verry Slow and Do let work…
    Plz I Fuckkkkkkk Dell….
    Are You Fuck dell Good Job…
    Fuck Off Dell All products

  11. Con: it has no USB 3.1 or type C.. with the same price u can get Acer Swift 3 and its lighter and has USB C and a better Screen and keyboard

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