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Dell Venue Pro Review

PhoneArena reviews the Dell Venue Pro. The Dell Venue Pro presents itself as possibly being the very first true titan in the Windows Phone 7 space as it packs a massive display and a portrait style slide out keyboard. Boasting a refreshing design that undoubtedly differentiates itself from the current pack, this might very well be the device you’ll probably want to check out if you want to get your feet wet with the still new platform…
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35 thoughts on “Dell Venue Pro Review

  1. @PhoneArena 
    Please suggest which should I buy?
    Asus Memo pad 7HD or
    Dell Venue 7 or
    Nexus 7 (2012)
    All are around 10,000INR

    I'll be doing a lot of reading on the tab.

    Asus Fonepad 7- just for calling i don't want to spend another 5000. and 7" phone doesn't sound like a good idea.

  2. This phone looks great…why don't they make more phones like this for people that want more than just a big screen phone…because I rather have both a big screen and a keyboard!!!

  3. its the best windows phone i have this n i enjoy using this phone.
    now just need a update to windows 8 which is very difficult i guess

  4. Oh damn! Why can't this run WP8?

    I hope Dell will make some other Windows Phones in the future … they might even get me to switch from my beloved Nokia!

  5. Como para que quieres dos tipos de teclado diferente? Realmente no me agrada es un monstruo y no entiendo eso del teclado deslizable se supone que para eso tienes el touch, conclusión, no lo compraría ni de broma.

  6. i love this phone. i got it for $175 off amazon but the mic was broken. However, dell sent me a new refurbished model for free, with an extra battery and unlocked within a week. honestly, i feel it's one of the best windows 7 phones, and once the 7.8 update rolls out, it still will be.

  7. I bought this phone on eBay a week ago. I love it, sold my iPhone for this one, and that was a good decision. Everything is great except for the battery life. Have to charge it twice a day 🙁

  8. trust me mate, the 800 is better at everything except build quality and materials
    aaaand 800 won't support WP8, just WP 7.8
    Im very angry as a lumia 710 owner too

  9. Well i buyed one today for 170$+shipping. New,unlocked with windows 7.5 mango i hope i will like this godzilla size device

  10. Yes, but a contract is a two year commitment. If WP8 (Apollo) was not coming out on soon I would definitely get the Nokia Lumia 900.

  11. Well, people will still not like their old phones. Even if they did get WP Apollo. Because, with Apollo comes with multi-core processor (hopefully the Intel Atom), HD screens, NFC, advanced camera software, HD recording, and more. Would you still want your WP7 with Apollo if you saw a phone that can do all that?

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