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Dell Venue 8 7000 Review!

38 thoughts on “Dell Venue 8 7000 Review!

  1. the 2k videos I downloaded was crashing because I had the Intel video enhancer ( on ) "on settings" it enhances color contrast and noise reduction plus smooth video but it works with 1080 videos just fine, some apps still crashing and is due to a motherboard glitch that it will be replaced if sent to dell for replacement but many got a whole different unit so if mine still giving me problems I will send it if is free ,it seems to be a problem with off playstore apps only at the moment like tubemate for example if you wanna download you have to find the video on YouTube app first then share to the other app to download it but if you wanna browse on tubemate it just close

  2. the speaker not only gets blocked by your hand but the camera is on the same side so theres no way to take a confortable picture without worrying about dropping the tablet ,the camera single shot picture is good and better if use with the app "better camera"hdr , the pictures with the dual camera are not sharp and the "gimmicky blurry background" never works, the measuring feature does work but make sure to take few just in case,sometimes it doesnt, the dual camera will not take dual pictures to show in a side by side 3d viewer app or vr because the images come out half way cropped I couldn't believe why! but there must be a way to read the files in a pc with a different software but with the 3d apps or 3d viewer apps on the android just don't work,… dell should make an app for the dual camera to work as a 3d camera but they never did unfortunately the software used on the HTC 3d phone was not available neither the Sony 3d software of their cybershot 3d cameras

  3. app crashes, websites close 2k video mp4 sometimes just play the sound and no image you have to close the plyer and open it again if not the tablet just blocks all functions so you have to reset by pressing the power button ,the video recording is not only shaky but also about 20 fps

  4. This tablet is a straight peice of junk. The design is nice but the battery does NOT last!! I could not get a straight month use out of it. I highly do recommand NOT getting it, it is a straight waste of money!

  5. I have this tablet. Here's my two cents.
    Great, sharp, vivid screen
    Good battery life (8~10hrs screen on)
    Cheap on used market($100)

    Camera is trash… Absolute trash
    Dropped frames makes it seem a bit stuttery
    Gets warm around where cameras are

    All in all I love this tablet though. For watching YouTube or Netflix it's the best thing ever, REALLY! I watch on average about 5+hrs a day on YouTube so trust me I know.

  6. Marquis cut the crap and review the cameras already. you're supposed to be reviewing products for what consumers want to do not just what you think tablets are meant to do.

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  8. "I would probably reccomend it a little bit more if it was $100 cheaper." I guess a Dell salesperson took that to heart. (Price drop from $399 to $299.)

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