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Dell Venue 8 7000 Review

The Dell Venue 8 7000 is currently the world’s thinnest tablet and it’s packing some pretty awesome specs and camera tricks up it’s sleeve! Check out our full review!

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41 thoughts on “Dell Venue 8 7000 Review

  1. Big let down to me ,the micro SD don't recognize the card even when I format and it does but still don't read it ,it crashes watching YouTube and playing any game app

  2. I have a older Dell Venue with Intel processor It doesn't support many of the everyday android app. Someone told me it's because of the processor.

  3. Dell has recently stopped producing and supporting this tablet in order to focus on more Windows based devices. I wouldn't get this if you rely on companies sticking by their products in the long run.

  4. While I love the animations and look of lollipop., I downgraded back to kitkat because lollipop was just too simple looking. Everything has to be integrated and simple, which I don't like. Maybe its because I'm a function over form guy.

  5. Taylor Martin, you really annoyed me with this review; you sound like a spoilt child when you was talking about software. So what if it's running on kitkat? You are an apple guy, and their software has been exactly the same except minor changes since the iphone 3, so why would you moan about it running on kitkat. Lollipop is only a few months old. Have patience, it isn't that bad.

  6. I'm beginning to like this guy. Hope to see him review some Flagship devices in the future. He has real talent has a reviewer and a photographer.

  7. My all loving friends Watch this video and feel the Game spirit of Google , Yes Google have HTC , Nexus, nd many others , but it always give a scope . With Dell Venue 8 7000 it's too comfortable , it's not a bias , Google is other name of freedom -:)) get connected with the news of Google , it's our necessity 

  8. my 2012 nexus 7 behaves weird lately, but I do not want to spend too much money for a new because I'm saving for a trip to New York in September.

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