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Dell Venue 11 Pro Slim Keyboard, Mobile Keyboard and Case Review

41 thoughts on “Dell Venue 11 Pro Slim Keyboard, Mobile Keyboard and Case Review

  1. Thank you very much! I just bought the slim one, brand new for 20$ for a Dell Venue Pro 11 with 3G. refurbished (150$).. but then again, the tablet was released a couple of years ago.. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey i got an issue

    I have the 7130 Venue Pro 11, and the original Keyboard. Everything works fine – both batteries are good etc. But wenn i have my Tab plugged into the keyboard, and remove it – it shuts down my tablet. I have to reboot it – and its not a battery issues as both are charged and working. Any advice? 🙂

  3. drawback is curser when using slim keyboard. No option when i got mine. angle is bad overal for slim keyboard. casnt open the micro slot

  4. very nice presentation, but could you wear a better shirt please. light green button down with ironed collar would do you beautifully

  5. Thanks so much for this great review! We are buying this tablet for work and this really helped me decide which keyboard I want and need!

  6. More SLIM liked by this being much lighter. The problem is where to get buy such a thing. The price that you guys have

  7. Should i get Dell mobile keyboard or Logitech K810? People say Dell mobile is a bit heavy but i cant find it in my local store to try 🙁 

  8. I watch a lot of reviews on youtube usually before buying something but sometimes when something looks intriguing. And i always come across your videos, you have an amazing way of reviewing things, personally i think you should be up there with linus tech tips, i just bought this tablet with the battery keyboard, thanks!  

  9. if you would have used the slim case with the "origami" 1" top part folded up, it actually magnetically sticks to the back of the venue 11. You had it folded down, that is why it didn't want to stand up right without balancing it in the perfect position

  10. Thanx for Your review! Is there any way to work with  the tablet (as a tablet) kicking the slim keyboard to the back side (like on surface)? And the last piece of video – slim keyboard can be used with that case? or what?

  11. Excellent review, LIsa! At your convenience, could you please tell me where from did you purchase your polycarbonate case? There are rumors on the Internet that the ports are not cut correctly, and indeed, all vendor's pictures show wrong cuts… except yours in the video! YOUR case would perfectly match my Dell Venue 11 Pro. What model is it and where can I get it from? THANK YOU!!

  12. Does this supports stylus or digital pen? I can see a pen holder in back. Please let me know that supports Wacom digital pen. Thank you.

  13. Great review, poor pricing on the slim keyboard. My first gen Surface Pro Type Cover cost the same and is much better. However, the battery keyboard is pretty nice…any plans to review the Lenovo Miix 2 10? It's the premium reason why ARM tablets are rip-offs; same price and quality as a toyPad, quadruple more value.

  14. Is there any news on the pen for this tab? Ive had the Dell venue 8 pro for some time but cant seem to find the stylus anywhere, Witch breaks the point of why i got it. help?

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