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Dell Venue 10 7000 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Dell Venue 10, a 10.5” Android tablet with an excellent optional backlit Bluetooth keyboard. We look at the Venue 10 model 7040 that has a stunning AMOLED 2560 x 1600 display and the quad core Intel Atom Moorefield Z3580 quad core 64 bit CPU clocked at 1.33 GHz with Boost to 2.33 GHz. The 1.3 lb (597g) tablet has an interesting design with a barrel at the end that houses stereo speakers and a 7,000 mAh battery. The barrel also acts as the hinge area for the optional $129 keyboard. The Venue 10 has 2 gigs of RAM, 16 or 32 gigs of storage, a microSD card slot, USB host and it runs Android 5.1 Lollipop. It supports Miracast wireless display and it has WiFi 802.111ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and a GPS. Like the Venue 8 7000, it has a rear 8MP camera with 2 companion 720p cameras for Intel’s depth sensing technology and a front 2MP camera with 3 mics for video chat. The price starts at $499.


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27 thoughts on “Dell Venue 10 7000 Review

  1. Still Have mine and it works flawlessly. No need to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S version yet….not until this puppy crashes. The Screen quality is still one of the most beautiful screens manufactured..

  2. DO NOT BUY DELL VENUE 10 7040! I've had nothing but problems with this junk tablet. Extremely unreliable hardware and software. Bugs haven't been sorted thru. Customer Service does nothing but charge extra for technical assistance. Don't be fooled by pretty screen, lighted keyboard and brand. Good riddance!!!

  3. Why is it that Dells android tablets (although discontinued now) have beautiful designs with infinity displays etc, their windows tablet offerings have generic designs with sub par screens and lack luster speakers.

  4. I think mine has a faulty battery, it keeps shutting down at 30% and when I turn it back on it says it has 0% and then it suddenly goes back to 30% but if I unplug it it shuts down again. Anyone know how to remove battery?

  5. looks like the stolen Lenovo Yoga 2/3 design and at $829.991 with Keyboard and 699.99 without Canadian with only 2 gigs f ram and only 32 gbs of storage no freaking way !  I can pay close to 200 dollars less for the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 and that at least has a built in 50 inch projector – not to demean your review it was great but the pricing is really a turn off 🙁

  6. Hello, Lisa. Another great review!! This tablet looks amazing. I hadn't even heard of it until yesterday. I have been seriously researching 10" tablets for the past 2 weeks and have narrowed it down to this (after watching this review), and the original Galaxy Tab S 10.5. They are still very similarly priced and pretty comparable. I do plan on purchasing the corresponding keyboard either way I go. I'm very curious as to which one you prefer. I am a huge fan of both companies – Samsung for T.V.s and phones, Dell for PC's and laptops. I have never purchased outside of those 2 brands which makes my decision even harder. I had my mind set on the Galaxy until I heard about the Dell 7000. I would really appreciate your input!! Thank you very much and thank you for your reviews. You continue to be the best!

  7. Don't use word, use google docs, it saves automatically every second. Not to mention google docs can be accessed by any device.

  8. i just purchased the dell venue 10 7000. how do you save photos and videos to the sd card? I dont like google photos because it just keeps buffering.

  9. Ok I broke down and bought this guy with the keyboard. I love the keyboard and the way it attaches (other than the goofy/no existent why to open it). I use the office suite and I have yet to use it as a tablet. I'd say if you are looking for a small device that can answer email and type up papers fairly fast, this is it. Tablet is secondary for me….

  10. wow this is awesome i've been looking for an alternative to the acer switch, i hope this comes in a 11"-13" pro version with a digitizer pen.

  11. Love your reviews, Lisa. I don't think this tablet is worth the price though. Should have more RAM, include the keyboard for $499. Also, I would prefer Windows 10 on it.

  12. I realize this and a lowend Surface Pro are apples to oranges, but which would you want to do travel writing and maybe programing?

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