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Dell UP2716D Viewing Angles

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A look at the viewing angle performance of the Dell UP2716D. Refer to the written piece for further analysis and information on supporting our work.

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5 thoughts on “Dell UP2716D Viewing Angles

  1. HI PC Monitors, didn't you notice the green tinge coming from the left and the pink tinge coming from the right?

  2. Hi, thanks for the review. When you say the power button is tactile, what do you mean? Is it still the same as the touch OSD buttons? Thanks

  3. Is this monitor good enough to play games on and use of digital art?

    I have a Nvidia GTX 980 ti graphics card and i play for fun. Not competetive games. I use a ASus PB248Q IPS monitor now and it have 5ms GtG. I don't mind the ghosting that appears.
    I really want to step up with the resolution since i work with digital art and it is really useful with that extra space.

    Wished that i could try the monitor myself, but no store is close enough for me to try it out.

    My current monitor have 1000:1 in contrast ratio if i refer to the manufactures specification. Is the contrast good on this Dell monitor?

  4. what a crappy monitor.
    why have the widest color gamut yet and no contrast to back up all colors.?
    colors are still flat and washed out.

    blacks are so bright that they lightens up the whole fucking room lol
    this shit is going back.

    how much did you get to write 10 A4 pages of review of this shit ? ☺
    no way that you did it for free right ?

  5. do you have a flashlight on the camera or is it static?

    also whats the best display cable to use with this if you have win10 and a gtx780 card?
    hdmi or displayport?

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