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Dell UltraSharp U3818DW – Hands On Review


When looking to make the plunge into an giant, professional-grade monitor, like the Dell UltraSharp U3818DW, it’s important to look at its main competitor: the LG 38UC99-W UltraWide Monitor. LG has sat alone at the massive monitor table for the last year, until now.

The Dell UltraSharp is the same size as LG’s 38″ curved monitor, and boasts a much more modest price of $1,169 (on Dell’s website), compared to LG’s UltraWide price of $1,700. For the most part, you’re given pretty much the same image quality, with a more button-downed look. Dell’s UltraSharp monitor isn’t as flashy as the LG, but it still has VESA mount capability, great menu accessibility, and can be adjusted fairly easy (although it can be a little annoying to try and access the ports at times).

When comparing these two behemoth monitors, we keep on coming back to the price, which is pretty substantial. With almost identical image quality, if you do find yourself decided between the Dell UltraSharp and the LG UltraWide, we would suggest you go with the Dell.


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47 thoughts on “Dell UltraSharp U3818DW – Hands On Review

  1. Dell monitors are absolutely beautiful design-wise. I'm a sucker for minimalistic design. Unfortunately, the panels they use are often not great. Lots of dead pixels, uneven backlight etc. I'd rather pay extra knowing that they invest better in quality control than just play the lottery game.

  2. How about next time actually using the monitor with applications as well as some games and give an honest review of performance. You are horrible at this please, find something else to do and don't quit your day job. it was a complete waste of my time. You told me nothing that I didn't already know. Thumbs down and I will not subscribe. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Know what I want in a video review of a monitor? Some focus on what it's like to use multiple applications on it. Not the same nature scene, ten seconds of an aquarium, and a single browser window spread over the entire thing.

  4. I've been ordering dell equipment for different clients. I did not realize it until last week, I have close to $1,000 in dell rewards. Just ordered this for free. Can't wait 🙂

  5. This is not a hands on review unless you consider fiddling with the display menu "Hands On". Nowhere is there a discussion about compatibility. While this monitor will work on a Macintosh via the DP, using the USB-C connector to the MBP Thunderbolt3 is problematic. Won't shut down/ Won't sleep. Dell says this monitor is not compatible because they only test with Windows. SO there you have it. $1K for a monitor that wakes up every minute when the MBP is asleep and reboots the system after shutdown.

  6. This is a great monitor for office work. Monitor is sturdy and picture quality is great. Colors and sharpness are awesome!

  7. Who cares about freesync. AMD does not have a video card to power a Monitor like this one for Games. So must users are going to use NVIDIA cards and wouldnt be able to use freesync anyway

  8. Вы блять ёбаные долбаёбы. покажите возможности монитора, нахуй пиздеть не о чём

  9. Hey , was wondering if someone could give me advice on the best ultrawide gaming monitor under 600 , only using it for gaming and that's it

  10. What a bad review, no figures no nothing just some random bs with the monitor sitting there
    This guy is obviously not qualified

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