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Dell Ultrasharp U2417H review – the best 24inch monitor

Dell Ultrasharp U2417H review: Great image quality, plenty of features and a nice design make this a near perfect monitor.

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30 thoughts on “Dell Ultrasharp U2417H review – the best 24inch monitor

  1. Can anyone give any constructive comments, pros and cons, on using this monitor for (very amateur!) photo post-processing please? My enthusiasm and budget don't stretch to the high end speciality monitors.

  2. You're good at getting a lot of information out in a short amount of time. Even though this vid is 3 minutes I feel like I already know everything I need to know.

  3. For those watching this in 2019, the updated version of this monitor is called the u2419h. It's basically the same monitor except less power consumption, the response time is 1ms faster, and it's lighter.

  4. THE PART WITH RESPONSE TIM I ABSOLUTELY CANT UNDERSTAND grr, Mouth gets more and more closed while during the show. that i was interested to know about

  5. Hello, I just bought this monitor and I'm interested in how did you do color calibration, which hardware/software did you use? Or is it possible to share exact settings for this monitor so I can also have good calibration? Thank you!

  6. Has anyone checked out the U2419H? Can only see it on the Dell website but no reviews or being sold anywhere in stores in the UK!

  7. Please help me out here
    I'm in need of a new monitor since a have a 14 yr oem old lcd panel(yep it's not crt and it was the best at it's time)and im gonna get a new one.
    The p2417h is 200$ here and the u2417h is 280$ do u recommend going for the latter?

  8. You will be VERY disappointed if you now own a VA display. IPS blacks are horrendous..
    .they are gray. Will never own another IPS display.

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