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Dell Streak 7 Review

PhoneArena reviews the Dell Streak 7. Even though they’re still trying to secure carrier partnerships for their products, Dell is no stranger in the Android space especially when it caught us by surprise with the original Dell Streak. Sharing some similarities with its 5″ sibling, the Dell Streak 7 is fully committing itself into the tablet realm, but does it stand a chance against the competition?…
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35 thoughts on “Dell Streak 7 Review

  1. why would you want access to the battery theres no need to unless you have a phone and all tablets don t have access to the battery

  2. This tablet doesn't seem too bad. I mean u have a high end spec of 1ghz 2x. Hmm this probably the best tablet I've seen that has power and is cheap. For $280 ur getting more than what you pay for from what I've seen. Idk the full specs but seems good either way.

  3. @KlingonSpider There may be reasons behind this. Personally, a dual-core tablet with a non-removable battery already sucks battery life. Maybe increasing the resolution would take too much power. Personally, other than the resolution and the battery life, I have yet to see anything under $450 that can compete with this tablet. At least, not as far as Android goes.

  4. @ken060693 Some people (including myself) like that screen size. Imo it is the most practical. However, the screen is disgustingly bad, and I don't know what the hell Dell were thinking when they put it in there. 800×480 on a 7" display is pathetic. Battery should have been way better too. Imo, 2.2 works really great as a small tablet OS though.

  5. @KlingonSpider IKR?! It's one of the most STUPID design decisions ever. The Galaxy Tab is nowhere near as powerful CPU/GPU wise, yet Samsung bothered to put 1024×600, so why didn't Dell? :L It's bizarre that they bothered making the rest of the tablet high end, yet decided to put in a low resolution and quality screen. Fucking idiots 😀

  6. why would i want android 2.2 on a tablet? i already have it on my phone. if you're not gonna put your all into it, don't even bother. shitty resolution. NOBODY WANTS A TABLET THAT SMALL. it's basically a few inches bigger than alot of phones. only thing decent about it is the CPU

  7. perhaps im getting old but battery life is sooooo important to me now. 5 hours battery life is not acceptable. i just sold my htc desire hd because of the same reason.

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