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Dell SE2716H Monitor – Review

As resolutions and screen sizes rise faster than ever, those who are stuck with, or prefer, 1080p are running out of high-end options. Enter the Dell SE2716H which, despite its lack of catchy name, is actually a memorable 1080p LCD with a 27-inch curved panel, impressive specs, and very few competitors.

In fact, the only real competitor is Samsung’s SD590C, a curved display with 1080p resolution and an almost identical price of $400, although both are available closer to $300 at publishing time. That’s not unreasonable for a nice 1080p screen, but it’s also the starting range for 2,560 x 1,440 monitors.

Which begs the question of what’s a better value — high-end 1080p, or entry-level 1440p? How this Dell performs will certainly sway that debate one way or the other.





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24 thoughts on “Dell SE2716H Monitor – Review

  1. Until they actually iron of the issues with 4k it's not even worth getting anyway. I'll get a 4k screen in a few years when the price for it comes down and all the problems have been ironed out. Until then 1080 is perfectly nice.

  2. Can someone help me with this monitor? for some reason I get rectangular vertical flickering when something moves on my screen like in the video. I cant figure out why.

  3. segun muchos videos que he visto.
    todo lo que veo de dellTN, parecen rapidos en juego, pero se ven como el culo limado sus colores. no sirven para mas nada ni para usar de escritorio, visitar paginas y ver colores correctos.

  4. So what’s a better value — high-end 1080p, or entry-level 1440p in your opinion as a reviewer. I'm not searching for sharpness so resolution is not my priority. I'm searching for maximally perfect reproduction of colors and saturation because I want to post-process my photography and videography. Also I like to watch movies and prefer the cinematic colors to look beautifully over bad colors and super-sharpness. So what's your opinion "Digital Trends"?

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