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Dell S2817Q 28 Inch 4K (60hz) Monitor Review

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Dell’s budget 4k monitor is sufficiently sharp and great for gamers with a 2ms response time but its TN panel won’t please photographers and other creative professionals. See more monitors: and subscribe!

On the surface the 4k display is decent enough for the price. Using Windows’ scaling feature text and graphics are sharp and the monitor can display images at up to 60hz decently enough.

The matte display is nice and a welcome alternative from the many shiny displays out in the market. The bezel is quite reflective though, its plastic finished in a piano black.

So for those looking for a decent, passable 4k display it will do fine. But there are some things that will prompt enthusiasts to keep looking elsewhere.

The color gamut, at only 72%, puts it more in line with budget monitors. I am finding the display to be a bit colder than other modern displays meaning whites look a little more blue than I’d like them to be.

My biggest gripe is with the viewing angles. Because this is a TN display it lacks the wide viewing angles that can be found in other 1080p displays around the same price point. The result is that solid colors will often appear as a gradient when they fill the screen due to the overall size of the display. Not good enough for professional or even amateur photographers that want a good color representation on display.

But for general consumer use, like word processing, gaming, movie watching, etc. it should be fine. The 2ms response rate is very good for game players and the added sharpness 4k resolution brings to text will make it look more like your high density smartphone display – just bigger.

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33 thoughts on “Dell S2817Q 28 Inch 4K (60hz) Monitor Review

  1. the only issue i have is whenever scrolling on a webpage with photos, this white trailing effect/white smear shows up when scrolling up and down. anybody else have this issue?

  2. I just got this, connected with my MacBook Pro. Somehow, my eyes hurts because of the response time. When I read a website and I scroll down, I can literally see the old words remaining for a shot time

  3. you wrote "60 Hz" in the title. Did you really test 2160p60? I cannot get it from HDMI, only possible from DP. HDMI is limited at 2160p30 🙁

  4. Are you sure you had 4K when reviewing this monitor? Because those icons are quite big for 4K screen. It felt like 1080P monitor. Please show us proper stuff of 4K

  5. SO sick of manufacturers not having proper stands anymore, specifically, so many not implementing height adjustment anymore (which is a massive pain for me personally as I use a riser on my desktop, so that I can double up on the space and have a midi keyboard right on the desk).

  6. good review..

    one question.. whats the min. specs to run all that 4k real estate property?

    will Intel HD4000, i5 w/ 4GB ram be able to run it?

  7. why are made this If they are not very good? technology is for better and cheaper displays. I prefer FHD is cheaper and better quality

  8. Nice review. You should review ultrawide monitor with 21:9 aspect ratio and see how it compare to 16:9 and pro and cons of having it. It seems like 3440 x1440p is the sweetspot right now.

  9. could you please comment idea to use 4k TV for monitor purpose ?
    40" seems minimum size but display panel performance could be comparable to budget 4k monitors, plus price is in nearby range.

  10. only 28".Honestly in 2016 I would never recommend anything less than 34" and especially at that 4k resolution,you would need atleast 40" to appreciate the extra resolution,and a beefy PC to push it ofcourse.If you go with a smaller monitor like this,get 1080p and use it as a secondary monitor(for browsing,music playlist,etc)With the limited positions the stand can go into(no portrait),honestly this monitor isn't particularly good at anything.

  11. Could you do a review on
    Acer Aspire AIO Desktop, 23.8-inch Full HD, Core i5-6400T, NVIDIA 940M, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, Win10, AZ3-715-UR61

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