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Dell S2718D 27 Inch Ultrathin USB-C Monitor Review – 1440p Single cable charges small laptops

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Dell’s S2718D is a very thin 1440p monitor that can charge USB-C equipped laptops through its connection cable. See more monitors: and subscribe! – Index below:

00:48 – Hardware overview
01:01 – Viewing angles
01:18 – Image quality
02:42 – Price
02:54 – Stand and adjustments / not VESA compatible
03:37 – Ports and connectors
04:09 – Limitations of power delivery
05:59 – Performance of USB ports
06:28 – No speakers / audio pass through
06:53 – On screen display
07:32 – High quality white balance / color temperature performance
07:55 – Gaming performance
08:21 – Gaming input lag
09:44 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is an expensive display. But the image quality out of it feels as it should for the premium price tag. Excellent color, excellent viewing angles, excellent black levels, and quite a bit of adjustability to tune the image. That said there are 1440p displays that get similar performance that cost less although they aren’t packaged as nicely.

Gamers will likely find better options than this one (also at lower prices). Its refresh rate is 60hz, it has a 6-8ms response rate, and I found its input lag to be slightly behind gaming monitors especially when the display’s HDR mode is activated.

Speaking of HDR mode, it only works when the computer is connected via HDMI and not via the USB-C port. So the single cable solution, which is a big selling point here, is negated when the monitor’s other big selling point is enabled.

I am also surprised the output power of the USB-C port is not higher. Its maximum 45 watt output means that many high powered laptops (including Dell’s own Dell XPS 15) will not charge through the USB-C connector as they require considerably more power. The XPS 15 requires 130 watts of power.

This means that unless you have a smaller 12 or 13″ laptop you will likely need to attach an additional cable to power the device. There are USB-C docks on the market that support 130 watts so it’s surprising this premium display does not.

So unless you absolutely need the thinnest bezels and display width I would suggest looking at some lower cost displays that might actually deliver more performance.

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45 thoughts on “Dell S2718D 27 Inch Ultrathin USB-C Monitor Review – 1440p Single cable charges small laptops

  1. which cable did you use with your Macbook? my macbook is charging with the display but won't actually display anything…weird

  2. Just bought this in new condition off eBay for $249. It's $349 sealed from multiple retailers. I'm selling my S2417DG Dell gaming monitor to cover it. It's definitely a downgrade for PC gaming but I've found that I'm not nearly as hardcore into gaming as I used to be. At least competitively!

  3. I notice the DisplayPort icon on the Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port, I wonder if it's backward compatible from USB-C to Mini-DisplayPort for older Macs.

  4. Dell really went all the way with selling the XPS 15 and ensuring they kept the power details under wraps. For anyone interested, the 9570 thunderbolt 3 port can only give a pathetic 15W of PD, so it cannot even power USB-C dock.

  5. Thanks for tell everyone about the problem with the "one cable solution" I have a XPS 15 and almost I spend $400 in this monitor thinking it could charge my laptop.

    Thanks again

  6. Hey, what kind of USB C cable you are using to connect Macbook ? I tried to connect MacBook 12 with just regular stock usb-c cable which comes with laptop but it doesn't work with my Dell S2718D as it says "No USB Type C signal from your device" and the screen is black. Can you help?

  7. Just found one for $320. I just plan to use this for an extra monitor (connected to cpu) for editing and streaming while other g sync monitor (connected to gpu) is used for gaming.

  8. would those be strong enough to charge a Dell XPS 13 9350 iris 540 Edition?
    Im interested in this monitor for Software Development, would love to use one cable to charge and use my monitor.
    Thank you for the review it really helped me in finding a monitor.

    Update: Charges my Dell Xps 13 9350 Iris Laptop just fine and having zero issues, amazing monitor and picked it up on sale for $248!

  9. i really like the design of this monitor. Would be a nice combo for my macbook, but I've learned to love a matt surface of my current dell U2515 monitor, and it kinda became a deal breaker for me. sad .

  10. On my search for a glossy monitor I bumped into this one. My curiosity is: is there any coating like on Macbooks? Anti-glare coating really reduces reflection (often with a pinkish of greenish tone in the dimmed reflections), without dulling the screen like most screens (matt). I cannot judge it from the video, but maybe you can inform us about this.

    Another thing is that less quality IPS screens have a glow in the edges when displaying pure black. How is this screen performing in that respect?

    Thanks for an answer!

  11. Thank you so much for reviewing this it clearly talked me out of it which is actually a very good thing. I would’ve been disappointed with this monitor

  12. I thought this would be my dream monitor for the next Surface Book (if it ever comes out), however the 45W thing sucks a bit… Why are there so little USB C monitors still?:(

  13. I think I'd prefer a mouse test to be done with your input lag testing as it seems more real world for the average gamer.

  14. Great review!

    Anyone got any recommendations as to whether to go for this monitor, or the Dell U2717d??

    I am an architecture student and only need the monitor to connect my xps15 to and produce visuals etc

  15. I want to know do these new Dell monitors have full-array backlit local dimming / ULED or not?
    If not and it's only 300cd/㎡ max , how could it be HDR in anyway tho….

  16. Got excited when i saw this monitor i thought the price was good for a hdr monitor then i realized it's fake hdr. Thanks to your review, cheers…

  17. $700 for a computer monitor is ridiculous unless it is 65 inches and has high quality speakers. The Dell monitor you reviewed is a very nice looking computer monitor but we in the Harris household will not be buying one anytime soon. Frankly, unless you are gaming, editing video or editing pictures (and assuming your computer has an HDMI output) a person may as well buy a $150 television from Wal-Mart (or fill in your favorite brick and mortar or online retailer), place a couple of pieces of cardboard folded into shims under the front of the base to tilt the screen (unfortunately they don't have tilt) and use that as a computer monitor. I bought a 32 inch 720p Sceptre for $120 a few months ago, other than that shimming of the base necessary to tilt it the TV makes a pretty good computer monitor. That TV even has a VGA port for connecting older computers (some brands do not provide that). I can see where someone might want a 1080p television with the same features (it is about $30 more) but unless you have the specialized use cases I mentioned earlier it isn't worth paying a premium for a dedicated computer monitor. The biggest advantage is that I can watch television, VCR tapes through an old VCR I still have (I have three cabinets filled with VCR tapes), my laptop and theoretically another two computers can be connected at the same time along with my desktop computer (I can use the remote to toggle through video sources) and I can spend the $300 difference between a 32 inch TV and a 32 inch dedicated computer monitor on something else (including another computer) if I want to.

    If you need a smaller monitor a 19-24 inch television is less than $100 and will at least have an HDMI port for a computer, some have a VGA port as well. I needed the 32 inch monitor due to a moderate eyesight deficiency but if you do not need such a large monitor on your desk smaller televisions are certainly available for this purpose.

  18. The four soft-label buttons that must be lined up with their respective labels on the screen which is five inches above and maybe left or right of the buttons is a bone-headed human interface design. Dell needs a human factors committee to approve these designs before they go to production or sales.

  19. Hey Lon, I noticed that you plugged in a Bluetooth dongle into one of the USB ports. How does that work? Does that USB – C connection work as a HUB for the Mac?

  20. That is pretty expensive. Still it looks quite good and I had a Dell until recently. Just upgraded to a Benq a few months.

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