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Dell S2716DG Review and difference to IPS – IPS vs TN Comparison (ASUS PG279Q and ASUS PG278QR)

Dell S2716DG Review and direct comparison with a TN and an IPS Panel (ASUS PR279Q and ASUS PG278QR). Is the Dell still a good choice?

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► Dell S2716DG:

24″ Inch model
► Dell S2476DG:

The IPS WQHD Monitor in this video

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Competition & Alternatives
► All G-Sync, WQHD, 144Hz, TN Monitors
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► Asus PG278QR:
► Review:

►Acer XB271HUA:
► Review:

► HP Omen X 27 (Z4D33AA):
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► All Freesync, WQHD, 144Hz, TN Monitors
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► Asus MG278Q:
► Review: No review yet.

► Benq XL2730Z:
► Review:

► AOC AG271QX:
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► Iiyama G-Master GB2760QSU-B1:
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Intro: 00:00
Introduction: 00:44
Alternative Monitors: 01:27
Specifications: 01:58
Processing: 03:08
Footstand: 04:06
Connections: 04:39
Coating: 05:07
OSD: 05:38
Greyscale: 06:48
Black Level & Homogenity: 07:32
Viewing Angles: 09:22
Interpolation: 10:01
Colours: 10:54
Response Time: 12:15
Contrast Ratio: 13:05
Differnces to an IPS panel: 13:25
Conclusion: 16:12
TN vs IPS side by side (In a brighter room): 17:50
TN vs IPS side by side (In a dark room)): 20:29
Pro & Contra: 22:08

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46 thoughts on “Dell S2716DG Review and difference to IPS – IPS vs TN Comparison (ASUS PG279Q and ASUS PG278QR)

  1. This is really really awesome job man !! That video is the most detail include video I've watched ever !!! Thank you so much, I can buy a Dell 😀

  2. If anybody is wondering nowadays, color banding is not as extreme as it used to be. Still there but VERY minimal. Definitely a trade off I’ll take over the panel lottery. Response times are nice too!

  3. dude, you helped me 100% with my new monitor for gaming…. going with TN dell S2716DG 144hz but gonna check out a few others first… didnt know about ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR or the dell, but after your review with the mat coating (WHICH NO ONE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!) i decided to go with dell, plus i like the fact that dark/black is lighter, because i play rust… n if u know the game rust, you will understand why i want light-colored black

  4. Here's an opinion from someone who owns this monitor, an IPS 1080p HP monitor and TN 1440p HP monitor, both of the HP's running at 76hz. I just got the dell a few days ago because Best Buy has it on sale for $180 off ($320 vs normal $500) and there were only 3 total of them within a 75 mile radius, all of which were in Omaha, and one of which was an "excellent" condition open box which of course was the one I snagged. Cost me $280. I got a G-Sync, 165hz, QHD , 1ms response time, 24" monitor with a damn good stand compared to the HP's, for $308 AFTER taxes. With the IPS HP (connected via HDMI as its only used for youtube, HWMonitor, GPUTweak, iCue/etc,) right next to it, I adjusted the settings in the Nvidia control panel and got the image very very close to the IPS panel monitor. The blacks are still better and the colors feel a tad more "deep" on the IPS panel, but not by much, definitely not enough to justify the price difference in my own opinion especially since you can get almost the same image with faster response on a TN panel. I wouldn't spend $500 (msrp) on this monitor, for $50 more you can get the ROG Swift equivalent in a 27" size. However, for $300-320, I think this monitor is a steal, especially if you don't care about the flashy red/black accents or RGB lighting on the monitor. This monitor has everything that a high end qhd g-sync monitor has, and for a LOT cheaper. I was a little skeptical when I bought it, but knew I could return it if I didn't like it. It's only been a few days, and I have no intentions of returning this monitor. Definitely recommend if you can't afford an Acer Predator, AOC Agon, or ROG Swift monitor like I couldn't. And depending on where you live, you can get this monitor today at your local best buy if its in stock. They price match amazon as long as its "shipped from and sold by", and its $320 currently on amazon, from amazon.

  5. how to fix all that stuf We need a Gaming monitor 1440p OLED 165 HZ G-sync and Free – Sync. and 4k oled. 144mhz native. g sync and free sync.

  6. I'm very curious about Acer's new Nitro monitors, not because I want to buy it, it just looks… interesting. You should check them out 🙂

  7. Hey 🙂 do you notice the color banding in games or films? and does every dell 1440p montior have that? or is it on the asus also common im still not sure which one i should buy cause asus has bad ratings etc.

  8. Just bought one and it is amazing. Bought it for $300 on black friday. The viewing angles issue I think only applies if you plan on doing more than one monitor, because I don't have any issues at all during my normal usage. The monitor is amazing!

  9. How is it in games (for not professional gamer :D; games like CS, dota and other not interesting)? Want buy 27" 2560×1440, but don't want 144 Hz (for example, asus mg279q and acer xf270hua. not lucky with it)

  10. Thank you so much for putting them side by side @ 11:00. Really makes me want to save the $200 and go for the dell. Thanks so much

  11. Nice review, just buy the Dell one, you put the calibrations settings in some place? I see one calibration on tft website, but I don't know how good it is

  12. I bought 3 of those Dell monitors from best buy. The first 2 had dead pixels. The first one had them in the dead center, top half of the screen. The second had them in the bottom left with a massive white stripe going down the far right hand side of the screen along the bezel about 6-7 inches long. I brought them both back. I figured Id try once more and bought the 3rd. I made them hook it up to a pre built pc before leaving. Brought it home, hooked it up, calibrated it and it flickered black during gameplay on and off. It would also flicker black if i turned up my headphones through my keyboard function key, which I had no idea why. I bought it because it dropped 200 bux. I swear they were given a batch of bad monitors. Ive been building pcs for over ten years and this is the first time Ive ever dealt with that. Never again. My 300 dollar Acer 144hz was ten times the monitor this pos was.

  13. Hi, just a little word.
    Your videos are clean and magical, that's why I love them. 🙂
    And i found this monitor on cdicount for 460€ today.
    Bye !

  14. Somebody, please help. Should i buy ASUS PG278QR or Omen by HP 27? They both are at 500€ mark in my country right now. I like design of HP a bit more, but im more interested in screen quality. Thanks!

  15. I don't think I'm alone in saying that the tiny difference between the Dell and Asus monitors don't justify a $100 price increase.

  16. Would you happen to know the height and width of the display itself. I have even contacted Dell and they only tell me the height including the stand.

  17. when i m watching 2k 1hhrtz video my dell s2716dgr screen is blinking after 3 second 1 time and if i m setting the hrtx into 100 then the video is working normal … is this display port cable issue????? first i got a dp but i cant able to set the screen in 1hhrts bczz cable is not supporting and … i got another dell alienware 1080p 240hrtz dp now i m able to set 144hrtz in dell s2716dgr but when i m watching 2k 1hhrtz video the video is blinking every 3 seconds 1 time.

  18. Just stumbled on your channel, you do some very informative videos so a big thanks for that. Can i please just ask one question. I only play race sims, Assetto Corsa PCars 2 and all the other top sims. I have been using GTX 970 with a Benq GW2760 @60htz without any issues. I am getting a 1080ti and plan a monitor to pair it with. I read a lot of reviewers say that you don't need such a powerful monitor to play racesims as the movements are not as violent as fps games, is this true?, so from that, would you recommend the dell for race sims, or could you recommend a monitor other than the Dell. It would need to be 27" as it fits nice on my P1 cockpit from Simlabs. Any advice from you i will take seriously.

  19. Great video man. Which monitor would you choose? Dell S2716DG vs Samsung C27HG70QQUX? I dont care gsync and freesync and i play mostly rpg and rts games.

  20. Anyone know if it’s ok to run 2 of these monitors together? Can I manually disable g-sync on the second monitor if using only for viewing. Wanted 2 monitors with the same refresh rate.

  21. I own two of these monitors. One purchased Nov 2015 and the other Aug 2016. No issues with either one. I use them daily for gaming. Colors are a little bland out of the box but that was quickly remedied with some recommended settings. If you're looking to buy this monitor used, be sure it's not revision A00. It was the first revision with grainy antiglare. Dell fixed this with later revisions. I have an A00 and A03. You can definitely see the difference.

  22. Atleast if you look straight at TN panels it's okay, but if you look straight at an IPS panel there's still IPS glow in the corners. But there's so few good TN monitors that don't have a super aggressive matte finish. I'm really stuck between what bothers me more

  23. I have seen many review and comparison videos in my life, but this is the best and most detailed work I've ever encountered. Incredible job!!

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