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Dell S2419H Review

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A review of the Dell S2419H. Refer to the written piece for further analysis and information on supporting our work.

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Features & Aesthetics= 2:00
Contrast= 5:40
Colour reproduction= 9:25
Responsiveness= 12:15


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39 thoughts on “Dell S2419H Review

  1. Small correction: the 3.5mm port is audio line-out not a headphone jack. The manual states: "headphone usage is not supported for the audio line out port." Apparently the speakers aren't correctly muted if you connect headphones to this port, perhaps because the voltage or resistance isn't high enough so it doesn't detect them.

  2. I can see that on a reply comment you said Dell messed up the description and the SE2419H is actually matte screen surface as for the S2419H is the glossy one. Could you please advise because I’m looking for the non glossy one

  3. Hey mate great and technically detailed review. Can you tell if this model better than the s2715 h? Currently deciding which of these two models to purchase. Thanks

  4. Hi, are you sure that the SE2419H is glossy too? Because I´ve found this pictures and it doesn´t look like it is Thanks

  5. Would it be worth it for me to spend 25€ extra on this S2419H model rather than buying the SE2419H? Is the display quality exactly the same?

  6. Hello, great review, I was particularly interested in this monitor's dark scenes' performance and I'm glad you've addressed it. Could you recommend any IPS monitor that you would actually call "low glow" then? Preferably 1080p, 21-25", with decent response time. I've been searching for days and I'm at a loss. QD VAs from Samsung would do, if not for the curved design, which I just can't stand. I'd rather avoid TNs, so I've turned my eye to IPS recently, seeing how my laptop's IPS screen has totally acceptable black levels (and hoping I could achieve something similar with a bigger dekstop setup). I need a monitor for gaming (non-competitive, but I do game a lot), movies, and work, so a bit of everything. Any ideas? I will appreciate any help you can provide.

  7. Do you know of any other high gloss monitors currently on the market? I've been looking for a higher quality one that preferably is vesa compatible.

  8. I wish everyone did monitor reviews like you! xD Do you notice reflections during work or when you play games and how bad is it in well lit rooms? What do you think about Dell's P2319H? Specs state that it has more input lag than S2419H , but is it noticeable? Can you please do a review of Samsung's S24F356FHU?

  9. Would this panel be similar to the s2419hgf ? The s2419hgf is available for 200$ cad and knowing that the xg2402 is for 310$ cad and is the best 24 inch 144hz monitor is it worth the extra price?

  10. I would like to ask, should I go for a SE2419H or S2319H due to budget concern both of this models are taking into consideration, not a gaming user but focus mostly on programming and productivity. Great work on the review buddy, keep up the good work!

  11. I am absolutely torn between this monitor and the Asus MX259H, any thoughts are appreciated on which one is better, I will mostly be gaming using a PS4 and doing some web design work.

  12. hello sire, thanks for a great review. I am torn between this and u2419h, is the u series really better screen quality wise than s series?

  13. Do you know what are the noticable differences between this and the hm model (s2419hm) are?.

    Anything to justify the extra price other than the HM looking nicer.

  14. This is an awesome channel I subbed! Btw, I need some advice. So, I want to buy the s2218h model but the response time is 6m. Is it bad/noticeable compared to 5m? Also, I love glossy screens but these Dell monitors aren't fully glossy. My question is, can I clean the monitor with water? I heard Matte doesn't react so well against water so no matte for me as I live in a dusty location.

  15. Thanks for the good review. Just wondering if there's any difference between S2319h vs S2419h other than the size? Does it lack of hdr or something else because the price gap between these 2 models in my country is about $50

  16. Hello, I want to buy a cheap balanced monitor for gaming and beginner media creation, your advice would be very appreciated.
    I don't know which to pick from these two: SE2419H (135€) and P2419H (150€). Or maybe there is a better alternative which escaped me, or maybe a TN panel?

  17. I have one of these but I'm trying to put it back in the box. Can you remember if the monitor stand was completely removed, or just the baseplate? I don't remember using a screwdriver and the mount seems to be attached with screws.

  18. I've connected my headphones to this monitor, but sound plays through both the headphones and monitor – how do I get audio playback through my headphones only? Thanks.

  19. Is this monitor identical In terms of ghosting/response time (or as you mentioned powdery trail weakness) compared to the u2414h which was also reviewed on your site?

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