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Dell S2417DG Review

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A review of the Dell S2417DG. Refer to the written piece for further analysis and information on supporting our work.

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37 thoughts on “Dell S2417DG Review

  1. I got mine used for 150 by exchanging my old xl2411 for it. It's simply perfect for gaming and general use. While I use my oled tv for movies and hdr single player games.

  2. Im really hesitant to buy this because a fair few have reported a colour banding issue with this monitor… Is this just poor QC or its just a prominent issue with this panel?

  3. Thanks for the monitor review. I just have one question for any owners of the 24" Dell 2417DG monitor. Does it have a problem waking up from hibernation or sleep mode. I saw a lot of customers complaining about that problem on amazon. Which has made me wait on purchasing this monitor.

  4. Thanks for the review well done , i have already oredered the 24 inch my friend tells me the 27 is better ….i got a remourse now but i dont like bug monitors , is 24 inch good for gaming?

  5. Thinking of getting this monitor. But am a little worried my pc won't run 100+ fps to really make use of the refresh rate. If I end up using 1080p settings on more graphicly challenged games will using 1080p on a 1440p monitor make it look like crap? Ps I'm a max settings who're lol I refuse to not run games on very max settings and aa and post aa .when I can't it's time to upgrade lol. if everything isn't max it's not as good as it could be. I'm actually OCD about it. I'd rather max it out at 1080p over 1440p and waterd down settings. System i7 8700k . 1tb ssd 16gig trident z 3200 . single 1080ti sc. Watching more of your video I would be leaving scaling stock setting. Everything else max though lol

  6. Just bought this monitor for $46, It's really nice had to adjust the colors for a while though to get it where i wanted

  7. I was almost ready to buy this monitor as it has many of the things I need.24" or 25"1440pFast refresh rateHowever after reading reviews so many people seem to be having problems with these monitors banding and  on black you get loads of posterization in dark the moment im rocking an old Asus PB278Q 27" 1440Pfor me it's too big and 60hts s also too slow for fast paced first person shooters. After having 1440p for so long I don't think I could game at 1080p again either so I'm really stuck :-((

  8. Just got mine for 400 and it has god awful color banding it looks like Minecraft pixel art in dark areas during games I don’t know what to do 🙁

  9. HI I have got this monitor this week, it is the revision 3 model and have a issue when i plug the monitor in to the wall it turns on automatically, without pushing the button on the monitor is this normal? I need to know if its faulty. Thanks in advance for any help 🙂

  10. Sorry to spam, but sadly having purchased two of these monitors both displayed awful banding (A05 rev) both returned. I'm struggling to find anyone who sells the reported improved A08 rev.

  11. The camera doesn't accurately represent what you were seeing in person right? Because that darker scene in BF1 looked pretty bad to me.

  12. Fantastic review… I've watched this video and read the full review (as well as the 24 vs 27 brothers article) and STILL can't decide between the two… 🙁
    I am leaning towards the 24, simply because the picture just looks sharper, clearer, and crisper form the higher ppi and the higher gamma. But coming from a 27 inch benq, I miss the 27 inches 🙁

  13. Great and very useful review. I know its old but has anyone experienced a slight yellow tint compared to other monitors I have a Dell UltraSharp IPS monitor and the whites are definitely warmer on the TN panel.

  14. Seriously doubting between this and the AW2518H… (Mostly due to my surprisingly good experiences with a 240hz Acer XB252Q… surprising colors and contrast after calibration, nearly no backlight bleed, good overdrive settings). I'd rather go 1440p seeing as I plan to upgrade from my GTX980 when the next gen arrives, but all the talk (and pictures) of horrible color banding are making me hesitant. Great review once again, the depth that you take these to is amazing.

  15. Each monitor is different even if they are of the same model, especially if they are not of the same revision. I current have the A05 revision of this monitor and i looked around for profiles and settings online as out of the box the colors were pretty bad. I couldnt get anything satisfying until i got a cheap second hand colorimeter ( spyder 3 pro) for about $50. Before calibration there seemed to be a weird light greenish tinge to everything. and i think the gamma was a tad too high After calibration it all looked alot better. I'd highly recommend getting or borrowing a colorimeter to get the best results for this monitor. In case you are wondering, my settings are 75% for contrast and brightness, R 100 G 88 B 96. I'm using my own icc profile that the colorimeter claims to be at 2.2 gamma. All in all it still falls short of a good ips panel but for the price paid i cant complain

  16. I have a MSI R9 380 with DisplayPort 1.2 will this be enough.

    I’m an hardcore CS player and not gonna use 1440p on the game i use 1024 resolution instead.

    Just curious about 1.2 DP will be able handle 144-165 1440p if i there to use it ?

    Great review btw, thanks.

  17. Thx for this great review. Finally a good one. So guess what, i've ordered one and my GTX 1080TI will destroy this monitor.😁 It will be a great upgrade from my LG 29UM58-P.

  18. If the text is too small, you can adjust the scaling in your display settings. That will make the text and icons bigger. Just right click the desktop and click Display.

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