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Dell Precision T5500 Workstation Review | IT Creations

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When you need performance and reliability that comes in a small footprint, consider the Precision T5500 and how it can be tailored to suit your needs. The T5500 was designed for performance, reliability, and scalability for space restricted environments.

Dell Precision T5500 Specifications:

Dell Precision T5500 Service Manual:

Dell Precision T5500 Setup and Features

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29 thoughts on “Dell Precision T5500 Workstation Review | IT Creations

  1. Hi. Can you help me, my PC is dell precision t5500 Xeon and when I start, it displays then freeze. Why bro please tell me what is the problem in it?

  2. I want to purchase T5500 with GTX graphic card for Gaming only. Please recommend GTX card model for it specially for gaming.

  3. Hello
    My name is Oheneba
    And I use the same desktop which I bought at second hand
    I don't have all the parts of it
    So I need your help
    Can you help me with the external or additional processor and also some memories to buy?
    +233268359008 is my what's App number
    Please if you can or know anyone who can
    Kindly let them help me please

  4. works fine with gtx's if anyone wonders ;3
    And i would say with the stronger X Series 6 cores cpus with the cpu slider for X2, this machine still has a solid 2 years of life ahead, i have the shittiest E5620's and works fine for anything not too single core intensive, though beware the cpu on slider is very very poorly cooled and is soldered on, Using speedfan to max the front fan works fine… But also sounds like a Jetplane taking off
    So keep that in mind has X series use 75~90w which is 15w more then E's but X is overclockable..
    though why in hell would you make a Stable station.. an unstable wannabe gaming rig.. nonono
    cannot wait for the following Generation prices to drop though.. has usb 2.0 and sata 3.0 kinda getting on my nerves ..
    and after drooling too much because of Linus showing all dem 32~64 cores cpu…
    i can say without a doubt even with my (being too nice) canadian curse, that i would gladly Chuck Norris Kick a baby right in the face for some newer station components ;3
    i have a 1080 strix that yes!! fits in there,
    the HDD panel wont shut completely anymore but…
    your not supposed to roundhouse kick your pc anyways so ;3
    And lol.. now i have my ssd just floating xD since i popped my 4tb external into it last night
    one thing u got to love about this…. Dell clippy crap, its SOOOO easy to mount a HDD drive in this Omggg so easy im moist thinking about the 2 seconds it took me to do it..
    aaaaaa bbzzbzbbzzbz error Minou going BSOOOD

  5. Hello and thanks for the video,

    Is it possible to upgrade the BIOS directly from version A02 to A16 (mobo 0D883F cpu5520) from a bootable free dos key?
    Thanks for advices

  6. Would this be good for a budget gaming build? I found one online pretty cheap. Maybe I could just put a graphics card in?

  7. Just for everyone information, dont worry about the wattage of Pci Express ports, IMO is an unimportant information .I had used a GTX 295 in my T5500, worked fine with the great stock PSU, only a 2x sata power to PCI express 8 pin adapter needed. The GTX295 is a very high power demanding card, so i think it can handle almost every GFX card.

  8. I have 2 question
    wat type of moab size is it ? mini itx , m-atx atx etc.?
    and can i put it in my on case ? ( aslong as its the corcet moab sice)

  9. Hi nice video, very informative. thanks. last week upgraded my bios T5500 A06 to A16. big mistake. Now i have no display and no post. tried every thing and checked the net for solution with no success. Any suggestion? thanks

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