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Dell Precision T3600 Workstation Post-Unboxing Overview

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Since the live stream that I did with my friend Kris showing this computer initially wasn’t very good in my eyes, I decided to do a video where I show off the new system in more detail. Hope you all enjoy.


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19 thoughts on “Dell Precision T3600 Workstation Post-Unboxing Overview

  1. I recognize the vendor from the way the T3600 was packaged, digitalmind2000. They are the best with surplus Dell equipment. Highly recommend.

  2. Dell T-Series are great computers at a great price for work or gaming you can download Dell SupportAssist software

  3. I have a ULTRA sonic Intel pentium with Windows 95 plus on it but I have no idea who made ULTRA sonic could u find out 4 me thanks

  4. It's amazing people can drive around with cars that loud. The cops would be all over them where I live in the Northeast! They get 1 warning MAX. Then, if they get caught driving it again, the car gets impounded and they lose their license for a certain amount of time.

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