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Dell Latitude E7470 In-depth Review

Review of the Dell Latitude E7470 ultrabook laptop.
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24 thoughts on “Dell Latitude E7470 In-depth Review

  1. 3039$ Canadian a few years ago and now its sale for 500$ This is the reason don't go brand new!!! go for a few years old and used you can have a lot for your money !!!

  2. Its a business laptop not a gamming laptop. oddly enough you could get a way better gamming laptop for less. Yes its overpriced

  3. Must say one of the worst reviews ever. I have been using this device for the past one month and I have no issues whatsoever:

    1. Battery lasts a full day at 30% screen brightness
    2. Laptop has never heated once even while I am using heavy software.
    3. The laptop is very simple and slim yet as powerful as I have ever come across.
    4. If the screen brightness went any more brighter, I might loose my eyesight.
    5. Price is on the higher side but that is expected as it is in the same category as a macbook Pro.

  4. May I ask you about the screen? You mentioned in the video that you've seen better 1080p matt display, can you name some? Thank you!

  5. Worst audio recording quality EVER. I wasn't surprised when the "universal" combo mic/headphone jack was terrible for recording, but I thought at least USB mics would be OK, or if not, then XLR mics with a USB interface. No!!! If anything they are even worse than the "universal" jack. Every recording is ruined by internal noise — roaring and hissing. And if I use Camtasia to record the screen, everything drags to a standstill. This one doesn't have the top specs, but with Core i5 and 8 Gigs of RAM I expect way, way better. I can't say the thing is good for nothing, and I "get" that it's for business — but my job does include recording some trainings for customers, so, again: If you need to record sound, at all, even occasionally — stay far, FAR away from this thing!!!

  6. soo I work at Dell and I sell this laptop as well as all things Dell, I just want to clarify some things. What makes this more expensive is the fact that its commercial grade. It is build to last, it is tested thoroughly for durability. Also when Dell sells this direct to businesses it is sold with heavy discounts. Warranty is optional from 1year basic to 5 year pro support. Decent review but the primary expense and purpose of this computer was missed completely. If you want a powerful Dell laptop for personal use buy the XPS for around $1,500, that is what is made for.

  7. What was the game u played?
    And if u still have this laptop can u make a video playing Cs go. Like I need the benchmark. Kindly let me know

  8. Nice review. Thanks. One Q: is this laptop good for picture editing? I need a display with good color reproduction. What do you think? Thanks in advance

  9. damn, you're having a hard time opening the machine with one hand and using both hands is quite annoying? its called being careful dude.

  10. Very nice and informative review. Can you please confirm me brother that have this laptop edge to edge glass display OR plastic frame around it. i see somewhere that this laptop has edge to edge glass .?? I am considering this and HP Envy 13 with i7 and 7th gen. what will you suggest ? Regards

  11. Hi, I have the same laptop. I would like to know what's the jack size of your headphone. My smartphone earphone wont fit. Thanks in advance!

  12. Hello, I have the same laptop as yours. However, since I got the laptop from a store, the bios happened to be locked and I tried removing both the battery and cmos battery and let the laptop spend about 6-7 hours, but nothing happened after I put everything together. BIOS is still locked. Thanks for any suggestion.

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