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Dell Latitude E6430 Review

26 thoughts on “Dell Latitude E6430 Review

  1. Thank you for the review. I am looking at one for college work. My work has that laptop as well after taking a second look.

  2. I notice this one doesn't have the button built into the keyboard for the mouse cursor (sorry can never remember the proper name for it) or the associated buttons below the keyboard.

  3. This is not a review. This is you reading the specs on a video. We can just Google that. We want to see it run some programs, scroll a webpage, run a game, etc. We want to know your opinion of the laptop. This is not helpful.

  4. I have the Nvidia 5200m version of this laptop. But mine has an issue, it runs slow when its plugged in, and runs better on battery. Please i don't know what the cause is, do you have any possible solution.

  5. Hi just a couple quick questions. is this laptop decent for light gaming, and can it handle adobe photoshop? and finally can it run sony vegas. pls reply as soon as possible thx

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