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Dell Latitude e5440 review Still worth the money in 2019?

Will a Dell Latitude e5440 work for you in 2019? At these prices, it just might. This is a great notebook for Google docs, email, surfing, watching YouTube etc. But not so great for Fortnite or Apex legends

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37 thoughts on “Dell Latitude e5440 review Still worth the money in 2019?

  1. I have same model but
    i7- 4600U
    8GB of Ram DDR3
    240GB SSD
    NVdia GT 720M 2GB
    Paid 330$ ? bad price ? well after 8 month of use I can sell it for 340$ now people tend to really love this machine here.

  2. still using since 9 month overall performance is good . i am not game lover but heavy web surfing social media you tube videos and a little Photoshop. i never feel any hanging problem. i change hdd with ssd now its start up time is 3 to 4 second.

  3. Thanks for the review !
    I wanna buy for editing photo for photography !?
    Is it good for photography programme like adopt premier ?

  4. if its not that good can i just upgrade the ram to play the good games ? but mines is windows 7 and has core i7 but only 8gb of ram and i wanna know if i upgrade the ram would it be better

  5. Good review. One thing I don't like about this laptop are the keys on the keyboard. They do not elevate from the unit but are flat. To me it's similar to one of those Surface keyboards.

  6. I've gone through a few of those pretty, thin notebooks. I've given up. You can't fix them. If you can open them without destroying them, there are no parts available. I lost one because the power switch went and another because the ribbon cable for the fan somehow got damaged inside the case. Both should have been easy, cheap fixes. From now on, i'm buying off-lease business class notebooks. They can be fixed and if you can't order the parts, there are lots on ebay. They usually have great keyboards and get BIOS/driver updates a lot longer. If you find a good authorized refurbisher they come clean, look fairly new and have up to 3 year warranty. That's better than a lot of new stuff. My 2009 Toshiba is still going and I'm using it again until I find something else. Add an SSD and some memory to a lot of that old stuff and it's good to go for another few years.

  7. sir I am from Pakistan.there are too much problems to buy used laptop.So,please guide me about this laptop by opening the case and the components and also guide me about its LED I mean how to check the LED is genuine or not.the tips to buy it.

  8. I'm gravitating towards this for few reasons:
    Has 2 slots of ram. Dual Channel. Up to 16g. Easy to replace. Most of the new laptops cannot be upgraded & ask wayy too much even for 8g.

    Hd same easy to change. Dual hd.
    Replaceable battery.

    Actually not that ugly or old. Looks modern.

  9. I bought one too. Did you know that this laptop also can hold a mSata ssd besides the 2.5" Sata drive? Planning on putting two ssd's in there, for dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

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