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Dell Latitude 7490 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the 14” Dell Latitude 7490 business Ultrabook with a slim and attractive design that doesn’t compromise on ports, keyboard and trackpad. The laptop has a magnesium alloy casing, matte display, two DDR4 RAM slots, an M.2 SSD (SATA and NVMe available), backlit keyboard, Microsoft Precision trackpad, optional 4G LTE, USB-C (Thunderbolt 3 optional), Ethernet and plenty more ports.
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44 thoughts on “Dell Latitude 7490 Review

  1. I got this for work. It's trash. They did cheap out to a 768p TN screen which is trash, but they keyboard also feels gross. Overall, I hate it.

  2. Thx for the fantastic review. If I order a 7490 with a SATA drive will I be able to replace the drive with a NVMe drive in the future or am I stuck with SATA?

  3. hello thanks for the video, i have a question,there's a version of the dell 7490 i7 with 16gb ram buy without fingerprint scanner, do you think it's worth, i mean the difference in price is just for the fingerprint or is there something else missing???

  4. Nice review. I've got the 7450 to try out and I love it. Trackpad could be better, but the keyboard is among the best there is. Looking to upgrade one day…

  5. We get the i5/256 version for $650. But we did buy 35,000 of them lol
    Cracking laptop. I work in IT, and I actually prefer the 7480. It seems to interface more readily with the TB16 dock. The 7490 will, but seems to be fussy about the drivers in the dock being upto date. Both highly recommended anyway.

  6. the batteries are inside and it is bulging with in a year Del is not responding for the battery issue, they are not giving new battery under warranty it is really crap

  7. I just got 1 and the screen look so terrible in white background. I don't know why no one talk about its overly matte finished display. I'm so disappointed thinking about resell it.

  8. I own both a 7470 (For Windows 7 compatibility) and a 5491 with the full 6 core cpu and optional Nvidia graphics. It's not a gaming laptop by any stretch of the imagination. But it's certainly a power users workhorse. I considered this model highly. Just the options of the 5491 had me impressed so much… But You will want to fill both slots of memory with this model. I ordered mine in the base 8 gb and bought an after market16gb kit. Money well spent. I gained nearly 9% performance jump over all without a battery life hit. Swell machines. 1080p on the run. Can't beat it.

  9. I got one from work. I love it over my 2017 spectre x360.
    It's quiet, lasts 5 hours while streaming music from youtube. quite light and got that nice 1080p matte display.
    If you are thinking of getting one for travel and a mobile office. It is a fantastic idea.
    Buying one for my private use soon, but with a TB3 port.

  10. This laptop has so low Brightness that you will have a Headache while using it. Also it has yellow tint. The text is not looking clear as compared to other Laptops. I have the Dell Engineer report also, who has confirmed that in this Laptop the TEXT IS NOT LOOKING CLEAR TO READ. This latitude E7490 being a pricey Laptop is not available on Stores for viewing so don't get fooled. I seriously will never recommend to buy this Laptop to anyone.

  11. I have been in the computer reselling industry for over 20 years supporting the defense and education sector.   Dell is not a good manufacturer.   They are cheap for a reason.

  12. Hi Lisa, how do you compare the mat display on 7490 versus the mat X1 carbon? which one is the winner in reducing glare, and in color gamut? Thanks

  13. I bought this one two weeks ago for around 1700 USD, but Im in love. Masterclass computer.
    7490, FHD, 16 gigas Ram, 512 SSD, and 8650U.

  14. Do you recommend this Laptop for design engineering (cars) or XPS 15 9575? or any other? I want a laptop to do simulations

  15. Hi Lisa it is always a pleasure watching your reviews, right now I need ur suggestion between a dell latitude 7490 and thinkpad t480……
    Please help me to decide which one is more worth to buy.

    Thank before Lisa and keep making great review videos! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  16. It's really a good product by Dell for the business purpose. Inspired with this video and purchase Dell Latitude 3490 for the professional use. Fee free to look and unboxing on #BootTerns.

  17. 07:42 Oh dear. I had a 2016 XPS model and I absolutely hated the trackpad! So bad that I had to sent it back. No problems whatsoever on the Elitebooks and X1 Carbons. X1 Carbon remains king if you ask me (although it's quite pricey).

  18. Dreamweaver…really ? Nobody uses that anymore, not relevant. Try JetBrain programs or other softwares, frameworks like VS…

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