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Dell Latitude 7389 Review

Lisa Gade reviews Dell’s compact 13.3” business convertible with a 12” footprint, 360 degree hinges and a full HD IPS display supporting touch and the Dell Active Pen (Wacom AES). It has a stylish and durable build with a soft touch matte black finish, backlit keyboard, MS Precision trackpad, USB-C, optional LTE 4G and Intel U series Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs (the 7389 reviewed here has 7th gen CPUs and the just released 7390 has 8th gen CPUs).

** Watch our review of the newer model Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 here:

The footprint is similar to the Dell XPS 13 and it’s more powerful than the XPS 13 2-in-1. The laptop competes with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga and HP’s Elite line of Ultrabooks.


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34 thoughts on “Dell Latitude 7389 Review

  1. Hi Lisa, thank you for the review. I'm interested in having 7389 laptop but in doubt because of the rubbery feeling. Is it a special coating? if yes, it will peel off in just a few months of usage. I'm a user of inspiron 13 7348 which the rubber coating peel off very very badly for 3 years now. Other users might experienced the same problem with me. No other problem arise though, all is good except peeled coating

  2. I have recently bought this laptop! I have to say that it has been excellent! Feel free to ask me any questions if you like 🙂

  3. Are there any other modern laptop like this but with just the trackpoint on the keyboard like the old Lenovo ThinkPad x60? I mean, with no touchpad, just the trackpoint, I really like this feature.

  4. My only critique of your reviews is when you use a photo slideshow to exhibit a screen, the photos often don't take up the whole screen and its sometimes impossible to see where the screen ends and the bezel begins.

  5. are the edges of the base and the screen rubberized? I don't think I've seen that on any convertible laptop, but I wish they would. It would keep it in place on most surfaces, and protect the rest of the computer much better than just metal or plastic

  6. Just to 'correct' the 7389 and 7390 is available with normal display or in 2in1 version (360 rotation)… And no fingerprint (only in the non rotation version)

  7. So…why would anyone buy this instead of a Dell XPS 13? The Dell XPS 13 is the same price/possibly cheaper with the same specs. This laptop offers a dedicated HDMI and USB a which that dell xps 13 doesn't have. The Latitude is thicker/more rugged than the XPS 13. Both offer touch. But to me the XPS is just way better…the XPS 15 for example has a graphics card and the thin bezels are really amazing. This one has discrete mouse which is also cool but not even a dedicated charger port?? Looking for a good answer here because I'm confused.

  8. Great review Lisa, I went and checked it out locally, sadly Dell is charging insane prices.
    Latitude 7389 – $4,571 AUD for 7600U, 16GB Ram, 256GB m.2 SSD
    Latitude 7390 – $4,652 AUD for 8650U, 16GB Ram, 512GB m.2 SSD
    Compare that to:
    VivoBook Slim – $1,699 AUD for 8550U, 16GB Ram, 512GB m.2 SSD

  9. I am getting old, 13" is not going cut the cake anymore for my aging eyes. A 15" is more like it… my Dell 6 years old XPS 16 still works like a clock.

  10. Thanks for reviewing. Can you quantify the fan noise? I currently have a Latitude E7240 and the fan is loud, constant and unbearable most of the time. I'm looking to upgrade, but want something that is quieter. Have they fixed this issue with the later gen models?

    Without hearing it first hand, it's hard to know if this is a buy or no buy. THANKS!

  11. i don't understand why the latest dell latitudes have such thicker bodies! Dell seems to be sticking most of their laptops to the xps style. Even the newer keyboards feel like the lenovo X1 now. Not sure why, i really would like a new latitude but everything is thicker with smaller space to work with. I have larger hands so i cant really abandon my Dell 7440 yet 🙁

  12. Dell has quietly improved their laptops over the years. I still love the customization they offer from the ground up within their machines. This looks fantastic. Working as a systems engineer I always find issues with a lot of PCs but newer Dells and Thinkpads are a cut above the rest. I also LOVE your reviews. Best on YouTube.

  13. Hi Lisa,
    Can you review Dell Latitude 7490? Can you see if Dell configured latitude 7390 and 7490 with 25 Watt configured TDP for the CPU? Thanks

  14. Great review! Will be getting one of these for my next work laptop soon. Seems like a nice bit of kit. I'll miss my XPS 13 tho 🙁

  15. OMG, business notebook review!!! No consumer shit or kiddie gaming who cant settle for a sec and have desktop ! Wish usb-c docking would be included in the review. Thnks for review.

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