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Dell Latitude 15 3570 Laptop : Full Review

14 thoughts on “Dell Latitude 15 3570 Laptop : Full Review

  1. Good review. Lots of whiners in the comments. My only issue is in the end you recommended the i5 model which I assume comes with the crappy display. No one deserves to have crappy 720p displays anymore. If I'm getting a 1366×768 screen I'd probably only be spending $300 or less.

  2. You read off of this article word for word, unless you're the person who wrote it

  3. I have the same laptop, and I need to replace the keyboard but I have the non back lit version, could I but a backlit keyboard and just replace it with that?

  4. Laptops are becoming uglier and uglier. And that so-called "chiclet" keyboard is an abomination! When I see that in expensive business/productivity laptops like Latitude, I feel offended, I would never spend my money on such an abysmal design. They call it "new and modern design", when in fact it's nothing more than shameless cost cutting for more profits!

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