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Dell Latitude 13 Education Series Review

5 thoughts on “Dell Latitude 13 Education Series Review

  1. I actually bought one of these with 8gigs of ram and put an ssd in it and run elementary os. I love this computer. Simple, durable, decent battery life and just the right size 🙂 I picked it up a few months ago during a sale for $200.

  2. Ha ha ha your funny users that are rough on there equipment, This is a piece of junk our school has these laptops and they run slow which is the least of the problem i also work on these computers and they are really junk metal and plastic, metal bends at ease and plastic break of with an ever so slight poke at it (im talking internal plastic and internal metal) the outside shell plastic is considerabley strong and durabile but that does not matter the inside is very cheap and might as well be super glued together.

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