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DELL Inspiron N5110 (English – FULL HD review)

39 thoughts on “DELL Inspiron N5110 (English – FULL HD review)

  1. IT is BEAST !!! 6 years of usage with no issues, being a developer it witstand all software load. Game like assasian creed run with ease.
    Cons. – excessive heating
    2 hr battery life 😔😔
    One hinge broken but i fixed it.

  2. I am still using it with 1 GB Nvidia Card edition. I have repaired and changed its whole casing though (As it was Broken from the joints of folding clips). Had to replace its Mobo due to overheating issue. Fan is pathetic if you use it 24-7

  3. 2:05 lol these stickers were handworked on the laptop i always wondered why they not aligned on my laptop but they did it in all units btw watching this video on my n5110

  4. What is the type of touchpad being used here? It has got separate touchpad buttons for that. Can we get this kind of touchpad in newer laptops ?

  5. Now it's 2016, and mine N5110 is dead – external ATI HD7450 graphics card stopped working (throws blue screens, when turned on). I can still work on Intel hd 3000, but that's way more crappy. Regular service checks (cleaning from dust, reapplying a thermal paste) didn't help. It just died. Time to replace the motherboard. From my point of view it's the same crap as the "good'ol" dv6000s, only this one has a backup video card. Who else had this exact problem?

  6. Hey i have a huge issue in my hands, i have lost the Memory caddy that covers the bottom memory etc. COuld you please write down the sticker if there is any on the caddy so i can order it 🙁 …. ITs a huge mistake that we have misplaced this for a customer. U would help so much

  7. my multimedia key (screen off button ) is not working, actually button is working but screen is not going off please help……………………………..    N 5110 inspiron 5319

  8. If you are considering getting one of these laptops, I highly suggest a lifetime warranty. It'll save you a lot of money. Also beware of the white screen. It happened to me and had to replace the monitor.

  9. You only get 30 fps on a non modded minecraft? do u have a nvidia card in it or no? Because I can get over 400 fps on my n5110 lol

  10. I have this with the gt 525m and when I run minecraft with the shaders mod i run at around 30 fps but my card sometimes goes above 95 degrees celcius lol :/

  11. I bought a XP Pro Dell COA to replace my windows 7 😛 Since I no longer run windows 7 on it. I run XP (Or will be activating with the new COA key) :P.

  12. It does have overheating issues for sure, especially with games. The bottom of your hands will be hot most the time regardless. My hard drive crashed and had to send it to depot under warranty. Just got it back and it's doing the same thing. The computer seems like a lot of muscle on weak legs to me.

  13. I get overheating too…. Its really good if it could be consistant… I play dayz at 30 FPS then after 5 mins my frames drop from 30 to 10… i believe it's because of the overheating.

  14. Hi pal
    It sometimes overheat during gaming
    My specs –
    i5 ( 2.4GHz)
    4Gb Ram
    Intel HD Graphics 3000
    But there are another model with the Nvidia GT525M which performs GREAT 😀

  15. Do you think it is too big?.. I'm planning to buy it but I don't want an extremely big and heavy laptop… What can you tell me?

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