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Dell Inspiron i3252 Review – Low cost mini-PC alternative with 1 TB of storage (i3252-7550BLK)

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – There are tons of $200 mini PCs out there these days but the two things most lack is adequate storage and expandability. This one adds both. Subscribe for more !

01:06 – Hardware overview
02:20 – Interior, expandability for both memory (RAM) and hard drive
05:00 – YouTube and web streaming video
06:28 – Octane benchmark
07:08 – Microsoft Word and Office
07:38 – Minecraft and gaming
08:59 – High bit rate Blu-Ray MKV video
09:24 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This one performs about where other low-end PCs perform but has the advantage of coming with a terabyte of storage that can be expanded. It also has the ability to expand its memory capacity to 8 gigabytes for better multi-tasking. It also features a DVD reader / burner.

It will very adequately run Office applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. It’s also a capable web browsing machine and will do well with web-based applications like Google docs and others. What it’s not good for is high end (or even mid-range) gaming, so an Xbox One or PS4 will deliver much better gaming performance for about the same price.

The case is large compared to mini-PCs but much smaller as compared to more powerful desktops. This is the type of form factor typically seen as a corporate workstation machine. It’s not fanless but relatively quiet. The hard drive on mine is definitely a bit noisier than I’ve been used to lately given how many machines use solid state disks these days.

In my performance tests it lines up well against other machines running with the same or similar processors. It suffers a little bit due to its spinning hard drive, but it’s easy enough to swap that drive out for a faster solid state disk. My advice is to go with the slightly faster i3 version which will deliver performance more in line with what one would expect from a desktop workstation.

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32 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i3252 Review – Low cost mini-PC alternative with 1 TB of storage (i3252-7550BLK)

  1. I bought this with Celeron cpu. I use it only to stream video. I noticed it often stuttered when playing videos. I had to slow YouTube to 480p. A friend of mine has Celeron powered laptop. He noticed the same thing. It was useless for playing movie etc. I did a reset and made sure all bloat ware was removed. Now it works ok but I guess it's right on the edge. I tried several browsers. chrome would only play yt at 720, edge plays 1080p ok so now I only use edge. I think chrome has some background processes running.

  2. Mine came with 8 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB of RAM. It's the 2016 model with Windows 10.
    EDIT: Mine also was configured with the full-size desktop-grade 7200 RPM 1TB HDD. I'm sure that another higher-end PC in the Dell family would have a larger motherboard with the expansion slots. Probably in this same basic case design, maybe with a different front plate/cover.

  3. does it download programs/games from disks? could it run Manga Studio or Photoshop smoothly? I have 2 laptops neither of which can process my programs and drawing tablet

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