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Dell Inspiron Desktop 5680 Gaming PC – Hands On Review

With all the options available when shopping for a budget gaming PC, it’s tough to know what’s the best. Should you build, or should you buy? What kind of upgrading can you do?

Starting at just $600, The Dell Inspiron 5680 is for us the best budget gaming PC you can buy. With available Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU, and SSD options, this gaming PC hits respectable frame rates at high detail settings.



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43 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron Desktop 5680 Gaming PC – Hands On Review

  1. They also ahve amodel with an rx580 and beasted out its the best one in my opinion and its only 600 dollars it was there best one and it used to ne 1200 dollars I cant believe that have it on amazon for that price

  2. I was saving up for this computer and was ready to buy it until I realized it only had 8gb of ram (I'm getting the 800 dollar version) and is not upgradable. This seems very slow, and now I'm hesitant to make my purchase. On the review for its overall speed, the website (Dell's website) said it was a measly ok, good for office work and simple pc games. is a computer at this price a waste of money or is it actually good and I'm underestimating it?

  3. This thing right now is like $500. People in reviews say it’s good. What do you think is the game that it won’t be able to run? I’m guessing it can play games like black ops but what game would be too much for it? I’m a noob. People say $800-1000 is a good price point. I really just want a good gaming pc so if you know one then please link it

  4. you don't know slow bitch, im running windows 7 still, thats slow, with only 4gb ram, no graphics card no nothing, that pc in this video is a Cadillac compared to my old hooptie

  5. what a shit computer for $1000. smh dell is constantly trying to rip people off and i bet you they paid him to make all these positive comments. DO NO BUY

  6. I upgraded my ram to 32gb. I have a 256 sata ssd and a 1070. Are there any other upgrades i can do? Can i put a nvme ssd?

  7. I got the $1,099 configuration for $585, was the last one at Sam’s club, intel core i7-8700, 24gb of ram, 1tb HD’s, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3gb, clear sides panel with the blue led. This my first gaming pc but I’m going to upgrade some of the parts, I wanna use it for light gaming and making beats.

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