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Dell Inspiron 15z Review

13 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 15z Review

  1. The worst machine I've ever used…I've been using this machine for three years and it has malfunctioned multiple times…and the dell customer service is so takes them at least two or three visits to identify the problem…I do not recommend this laptop to anyone….you can buy a DOS machine but don't buy this laptop

  2. im using it right now and  ive had it since it came out (i pre ordered it) and the lid doesnt "buckle" at all yours is defected. under the dvd drive it does a tiny bit bit still not as much as yours.

  3. I really like the Picture you take from you Shannon =) I hope as much as I will like my new Inspiron 15z, I wait for it right now…
    Thanks for this review.

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