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Dell Inspiron 14z Video Review (HD)

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Here’s our review of the Dell Inspiron 14z laptop. Specs include an Intel Core i5 2410M processor, 6GB of RAM, Integrated Intel HD Graphics, 640GB hard drive spinning at 5400rpm, a 14 inch LED backlit LCD display with a native resolution of 1366×768, 2 USB 3.0 ports and WiDi.

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41 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 14z Video Review (HD)

  1. i checked at the specs and it said it had hd graphics 3000 and i looked it up and it can play games so i bought it but the i returned it the next day

  2. You're correct at the first one. Every program? Fuck no. Most programs? Yes.

    Trackpad is fine. Mouse buttons aren't the best though.

    I've had my 14z for over a year with no issues….so it's not an infamous feature of this laptop.

    That's opinions (which I personally agree with)…aren't reviews opinions in themselves anyway?

  3. By the way amazon had some great prices for this model of dells. 530$ for a i5 with Intel graphics and 799$ for a i7 with dedicated gpu. Great bargains easily 200$+ more anywhere else

  4. Just bought this one with the specs of i5, 500gb 5400 hd with 32gb ssd for the Os. Also has 6 gigs of ram. I am a student and play casual games like star craft 2 and league of legends and the Intel 4000 graphics can handle it fine when I'm on the go, if you're a gamer though and this is going to be your main computer get one with a dedicated graphics card, just look at the specs and if it says video: radeon hd 7750 or nvidia gt 640 then that will run all the games great.

  5. He's talking about the lack of a Gigabit Ethernet port. If you're an average computer user, it won't matter. This laptop has a maximum port speed of 100Mbps (megabits per second) That's LAN (local area network) speed, meaning talking to other computers on your local network, ie, your house. Your WAN (wide area network) would be the speed that matters most, that is your internet speed determined by your ISP. It would only matter in a work environment, where you have servers you need to talk to.

  6. Alright so what would you all record for a gaming computer. I don't really want to build one since I'm not only using it for gaming. I have school, social and work too.

  7. I really liked the review but i have one question. I didn't understand the part at 04:44 ..english is not my native language so could you maybe describe that part to me like in a "..for dummies" kind of way? 😛 The part about it not coming with a gb ether netport (i have no clue how to write that haha) and the wire connection topping out at 100 mags a second. What does that mean ..does it have a slow internet connection then or ..?

  8. hi guys!!! im planning to buy a dell inspiron 14z… is it a good laptop for using autocad, coreldraw and other designing softwares???

  9. you know, you're showing that you're a stereotype by asking this type of question… so what if we do put a 'WINKY' face at the end of our sentences? one thing's for sure is that you're not a bloody expert on the english language, or are you?

  10. I'm a student and I'm going to buy this laptop for programming, internet browsing, watching movies and travelling. Can someone tell me does the keyboard comfortably enough for programming?

  11. He said that there was no gigabit ethernet port. He did point out that the ethernet port provided caps at only 100mbps. So yes, he was correct.

  12. dont buy dell! ive had 3 laptops from them and all 3 are falling apart. first the screws come out and then the hinges break then the screen gets the blue lines. dell have a terrible customer service since they are based in india. i advise you to go look for another ultrabook.

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