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Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Series (7447) Review

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Gaming laptops are heavy and meant to stay put on your desks, the Dell Inspiron 14-7447 a.k.a the Pandora is a budget yet powerful gaming laptop, featuring a Core i7-4710HQ processor and GeForce GTX850M discrete graphics, this laptop is powerful enough to power most modern games at high graphics quality, it also weighs at 2.2KG that won’t be a brick in your bag. The Dell Inspiron 14-7447 retails at RM3,199 and is available from the Dell website.

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26 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Series (7447) Review

  1. Dude how to turn on your backlight keyboard I mean I have The same laptop but idk how to turn the backlight keyboard..

  2. I have this model, but unfortunately the keyboard of yours have a backlight in it. But mine doesnt? I am planning to buy the same model of keyboard that have a backlit in it. Will it work on my laptop?

  3. hmm. I hhave a SSD and just bought this computer. But,,,, I think i prefer the HDD because its bigger. Ill just keep my SSD as a back up.

    I didnt really buy this as a gaming computer. I just noticed my streaming video gets laggy after few yearss.. Wanted a GOOD computer for everyday use. Do you think it is?? I pretty much went with the cheapest option for i7 core. Thought cheaper i7 s better than any i5….

  4. how fast will this be compared to my macbook pro mid 2012?
    i wanna use it for after effects, maya, video editing stuff…

  5. Hi there, is the body material made of aluminium or plastic these days? I read that the older 7000 series models are made of aluminium material. It seems like that have decided to redefine the 7000 series into a 'performance gaming laptop' rather than the older model which focus more on sleek and visually appealing style.

  6. hi, i am almost on the edge of purchasing this laptop, but i would like to know if it is better to get the new Asus GL552JX ROG laptop which is almost similar price.

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