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Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop REVIEW GTX 1060 Coffee Lake i7 8750H

Dell G5 Gaming Laptop Gaming REVIEW GTX 1060 Coffee Lake a 15″ value gaming beast.

Recommended model (GTX 1050 Ti)



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Dell G5
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35 thoughts on “Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop REVIEW GTX 1060 Coffee Lake i7 8750H

  1. I not so long ago got this laptop as an upgrade from a custom built hand me down rig. I love this thing, plays all my favorite games at really good frame rates. I am a tad bit annoyed about the performance when the laptop runs off of battery. Something about the laptop can't draw that much power for the CPU/GPU…

  2. you should drop the CPU core clocks on 5th and 6th core to 3.6ghz to keep temperatures below 80,
    i got g3 17" model, first time temps were hitting into 90s, close to 100c sometimes, but undervolting and lowering 2 cores helped a bunch, now gaming at 70c maximum.

  3. Hi, i was looking at this laptop and liked it. In the uk the g7 isnt available so i can only get the g5. I was looking to get a version with a i5 8300h and the 1050ti, how much of a difference in perfomence should i expect. Please help me somebody.

  4. do you think the g5 would be good enough for music making? i'm planning to switch from mac to windows and thought about getting the dell g5. thanks a lot!

  5. Omg…. u got overheating at 4:23 and CPU frequancy going down to 3.7Mhz and from 4:34 temp 90-98c and CPU frequancy 3.4. LOL.
    (It's thermal throttling)

  6. Kinda doubting the frames. Ive seen a few benchmarks for this exact model and they were hitting this at max but averaging much lower. 74 in fortnight average for example. I'm thinking there is a slight chance they sent you an overclocked model.

  7. I always wonder if gaming laptops can run Gmod well because I hear that if you play Gmod on a single player sandbox server it needs a good amount of ghz. Im not sure if you could do this but could you try testing Gmod on this laptop with a couple of mods installed because im not entirely sure if this laptop will be good for Gmod. If you can thank you and if you cant its ok.

  8. Thanks so much for this review (and that you answered the questions). I found a version with an i5 with 1060 and 16 GB of RAM for US$880. I think it's a steal!

  9. Such a great time to be alive. Laptops can actually be a serious desktop replacement especially at 1080p for editing and gaming

  10. hey dare I found u channel and I was wondering G5 OR G7 IM THINKING OFF BUYING A DELL LAPTOP TO PLAY GAMES I have desktop but I need laptop to play on the go witch one u think would be good G5 OR G7 I HEAR G5 IS UNDER 749 BUCKS NOW

  11. I own the 1050ti version. Very efficient laptop. ESPECIALLY FOR VIDEO EDITING!!! I can play Killing Floor 2 at max settings, etc. However SSD upgrade is almost required. The HDD is kind of a potato. But hey the SSD it comes with is nice. Honestly this is a great laptop. A 1060 sounds scary due to the temperatures. My 1050ti hits scary temps too. I may upgrade something in the future.

  12. Would you buy a g5 or a g7? I intend on using it for both school and gaming. I plan on getting the option with the 1060 and the i7.

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