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Define Your Channel’s Voice (ft. VOX)

Joe Posner, video lead at Vox, explains how as a company they define their voice and the value of breaking down internal silos. To learn more about optimizing your news channel on YouTube, click here:

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25 thoughts on “Define Your Channel’s Voice (ft. VOX)

  1. I did a cool thing with annotations with one of my videos where I basically made it into a chose your own adventure story.

  2. i upload videos but i want subscribers and i want to beacome a youtuber and i need you guys to help me i want to go to YouTube creator Academy

  3. I need to admit that I expected something different. The title seems like I can learn something about acting with my voice or stuff like that.
    But the video doesn't mention this topic. I am really disappointed, sorry…

  4. Defining your voice? How is the voice of VOX different than any other open border globalist media? They want to wear a moral crown and fight " the man."
    They are the man.

  5. "Explanatory journalism" exists to sell a bigger lie. Described succinctly, VOX interprets reality for people who want to stay comfortable in their little bubble of preconceived notions, unchallenged assumptions, and safe (often provincial) opinions.

  6. Legal essa troca de conhecimentos, assim podemos enxergar coisas que passa despercebido e ter um conteúdo de mais qualidade.

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