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David Tutera on Open Bar vs. Cash Bar

3 thoughts on “David Tutera on Open Bar vs. Cash Bar

  1. Cash bar is the epitome of bad taste. I once went to a wedding where this was the case and imagine my surprise when the buffet also ran out of food and non-alcoholic beverages before half of the guests were through the buffet line. I was someone's "plus-one" to that wedding and we were relieved to leave the wedding and actually escape to get food at a restaurant afterward. I mean, clearly, the couple was not thinking of their guests when they planned that shindig and honestly, pretty as some of the decor was, they could clearly not afford to have a proper wedding and invite 300+ guests as they did. Tacky, tacky! LOL

  2. Lol, I always thought open bar vs. cash bar was obvious. I like the alternative David gives for those who don't have that kind of cash flow.

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