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Custom LED Light Bar Build (Part 2 “Project Night Light”)

Join me in building a custom LED light bar mount for my truck. I start with a drawing and some pieces of metal and make it into a fully functional rig to hold my 42in LED Light Bar. The rack consists of bed rails, a headache rack, and a roof rack, all-in-one, to hold the light bar. I use 1.5in .083 wall square tubing, a 90amp harbor freight flux welder, a grinder, and a cutoff wheel to get the job done.

Episode 1:
Episode 3: How to Wire an LED Light Bar Properly:

Here is where I got the 42in Wurton lightbar:
Welder I used to make my rig:
Grinder I used:
Cutoff Wheel I used:
Herculiner Paint:
Tap and Die Set I used to thread the bolt into the metal:

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33 thoughts on “Custom LED Light Bar Build (Part 2 “Project Night Light”)

  1. Nice build! I know that feel when you complete something mount on your vehicles, I do the same to my boat, build my own boat stainless steel top myself, although failed to welding and using rivet but it stays strong!

    But one thing want to ask, is that welding like this your mount from the back of the truck extend to the top of your truck still holding well?

    I know you don't want to be drilling the top of your truck, so I was wondering there no supporting point between the LED mount to your truck top still stay strong when running the truck on the road.

  2. I like it but I would have made your roof bars about 4" longer and left the light bar there and it would have better protection from and stuff

  3. Cool Chris! This looks awesome, I don‘t own a truck but your project made me want to buy a truck to do the same, nice job and keep up the good work! Your videos are great!

  4. Hey Chris love your videos. You just inspired me to rebuild my set of rv steps that the sheet metal has rusted off and crumbled. Found bar stock and going to see about finding steel diamond plate to replace the step surface with. Invested 125 on that very same welder and likely another hundred for the other materials. Much better value than 400 for another set of steps!

  5. Chris, what I admire most about you is……


    Greetings from Australia

  6. The light bar on my dream truck needs to be done! How to do this? (CLICK) Here we go! (Clip activates) Chris: Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  7. Hey Chris my father was a CNC machinist. I think you should have used thicker mount brackets and tapped you light bar bolts? Those look like machine screws anyway.

  8. @ 12:51 I swear I could literally smell your paint coming from my computer-screen….!!! 😜
    (Note: Watching your videos is addictive, let me tell you!!!) What an outstanding job you've done Chris! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    [PS: The only thing that 'irks' me, is not being your neighbor! . . . . 😉 ]

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